The Not So Magical Truth of Off-Season Traveling to Disney World

Last time we discussed the busy season and the not so busy seasons of traveling to Disney World. As I mentioned before, these posts are intended to educate you prior to travel as we truly feel that if you travel to Disney World informed you will have the most magical vacation regardless of the time of year. No matter what time of year you travel there will be a downside but what I can tell you is that regardless of the downsides in my professional opinion I would always recommend traveling to Disney World during the off-season.

Just the Facts

Based on our last post I am sure you gathered that the best time to travel to Disney World is between September and the first week of October. But with the off-season comes these issues;

  • Parks opening late and closing early
  • Early closures can mean no fireworks shows, and evening parades
  • Shorter touring hours because of the hours certain parks will require more than 1 day to tour due to size such as Magic Kingdom.
  • Pulling kids out of school

While many of these downsides are certainly not significant enough to cause you to skip off-season travel, pulling the kids out of school seems to be the biggest bone of contention with the average Disney traveling family.  This is purely a family decision to make. Only you know your child(ren) and what they can handle. If you are thinking about pulling your child(ren) from school I would highly encourage you to read the absent policy for your school. To my surprise my children have been able to be excused each year for up to 5 school days as long as I provide a letter of explanation.

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