Thrifty Thursday: Taking a Break!

One mistake that many folks make is trying to pack too much into their trip – Walt Disney World has so much to do, and everyone wants to do as much as possible! But trying to do too much leads to exhaustion…and that’s not fun for anyone! So while we all want to make the most of our Disney vacation time, sometimes that means that to keep feeling magical, you need to plan some down time into your trip!

One of the most recommended break times is in the afternoon, which is a great time to head back to your resort – the lines are at their longest and it’s the hottest part of the day. Take a nap or spend some time at the pool, and then you can head back into the parks later for the evening entertainment. Remember to take into account transportation time to and from your resort, so you don’t short yourself on your break time.

On some days, you may also want to take the evening off. Spend the day in the parks, and then in the evening visit the pool or have a leisurely dinner at one of Disney’s resorts. You could also pick some evening activities that give you a break from the bustle of the parks. Jump on the monorail to tour some of the deluxe resorts near the Magic Kingdom, or stroll along Disney’s BoardWalk near Epcot.

Another way to take a break is to pick a day to sleep in. I usually don’t like to sleep in on my trips because that first hour of the morning is a perfect time to visit several popular attractions with little to no wait, but everyone’s different and your family may need a day to sleep in. FastPass+ makes this easier, since you can have your FastPasses set ahead of time.

Of course, you can always do all of the above and take a day off from the parks during your trip. If your vacation is going to be 5 days or longer, definitely considering taking a day off for sleeping in, pool time, a visit to the water parks, or some leisurely shopping and dining. The parks are a ton of fun, but can be overwhelming and exhausting for kids and adults – give yourselves some time to unwind, and everyone will be happier when they do go back to the parks.

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