Thrifty Thursday: Saving on Souvenirs in World Showcase

You’re heading to Epcot and planning to visit World Showcase…. So much to do, so much to see, so much TO BUY.  Things that you can’t get anywhere else.  Some of your priciest souvenirs can be found at World Showcase.  But for you bargain hunters, don’t be dismayed.  There are so many great things to take home without breaking the bank.  Here are just a few great, affordable items – ALL UNDER $20.00 – one-of-a-kinds, only to be found at World Showcase.

In Japan – after choosing your own oyster, a Cast Member will open it for you, revealing a beautiful pearl inside.  They will measure it for you (and actually make quite a big deal about it, no matter the size), bag it up for you, and send you on your way, an actual pearl richer!

Also, if you have ladies back home who’ve told you that you MUST bring them back something from your vacation at MouseLand, I have the perfect thing.  It costs less than $5.00 and is personalized!  How can you possibly beat that?!?  In the same area in Japan, there is a wall of handheld Japanese paper fans.  They come in many different sizes, with numerous gorgeous designs.  Make your choices, then take them to the back counter & check out.  After you’ve made your purchase, ask the Cast Member to write names on each fan in Japanese.  They will graciously do this—are you ready—-FOR FREE!  They will also give you gift boxes with tissue paper and WDW stickers for the gift boxes for each fan – ALSO FOR FREE!  For under $5.00, you’ve given a personalized, one of a kind, souvenir that will impress the most expensive of tastes.  How many of your friends can boast of having an authentic Japanese fan with their name hand-written on it?

In China’s gift shop, there are embroidered silk screens, suitable for framing, also for under $20.00.  They are in various designs and vibrant, gorgeous colors, one to match any décor.

In Africa, you will find an awesome wood carver, who will carve something out for you while you wait.  My husband is a fan of Rhinos, so he collects a new one each visit.  The smaller ones will run you under budget, and the carver will date and sign it for you.

And if you have kiddos, I’m sure you already know about KidCot.  Your child picks up a mask at the first country you visit.  The Cast Member at each countries’ KidCot will then give your child a “charm” to attach in their choice of color, and will stamp the handle of the mask with a passport stamp.  All of this is FREE as well.  My son loves to do this.  Before we can do anything else in that particular country, we must find KidCot.

These are just a few ideas, but the fact is that World Showcase is a treasure chest of unique, beautiful and yes in many cases, very affordable souvenirs. Happy Shopping!

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DeAnna, along with her husband and teen-age son, lives in Wiggins, Mississippi, and has a passion for all things Disney. She is always eager to share the knowledge she has gained from her many trips to Walt Disney World, and has helped numerous people in their vacation planning to realize it’s not an unattainable dream.  Her must-dos on every trip are Pirates of the Caribbean, Rockin’ Roller Coaster & a stolen moment of quiet with her “Boyz” (as she affectionately calls them) having a pastry from Boulangerie in Epcot World Showcase’s France. Disney is so much a part of her life, that she & her husband were married in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and she says it doesn’t get any more magical than that………

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