Thrifty Thursday: Forgot Something? Check With the Front Desk


Pop Century Lobby by Keiichi Inoue

Head to the front desk! (via Keiichi Inoue)

On a recent Disney World vacation, when we arrived, we realized one of us had forgotten to pack the toiletry bag. No big deal: Disney provides shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash, and I always carry an emergency stick of deodorant. 

Two problems: a razor and toothbrushes. Pretty important stuff. Nobody wants to be running around Disney World with fuzzy teeth. And, trust me: my morning breath could make Mickey faint. 

What’s a girl to do?

The front desk at every Disney resort is fully stocked with toothpaste, tooth brushes, shaving cream and razors. For free! They also keep a medical kit, which is overflowing with pain relievers, allergy medication and pretty much anything else you’d expect to find in a first aid kit. 

A word to the wise: don’t expect high quality here! The razors we got were had only two blades, and I managed to cut my leg no less than three times. Proceed with caution! 

So next time you open your suitcase and realize you forgot some small essential, head to the front desk before you head for the gift shop. You may be able to save yourself a few bucks. 

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Melissa Sue works in higher education communications in upstate New York, where she lives with her cavapoo George (as in King George). Melissa began visiting Disney World when she was six and today owns a piece of the magic at Bay Lake Tower. She blogs at Mouse on the Mind and tweets @msorrellsgalley

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