Terrific Tuesdays: Top Ten Most Fun Things at Disney World – Number 10

So I asked my kids to help me write this session of reviews for The Affordable Mouse and they were more than eager to be involved.  I wanted them to share their opinions with me on the absolute most fun things to do at Disney.   My kids are the age that I consider tweens, more like, they let me know they are tweens!  Erin is 8.5, Zachary is 11 and Clay is 12.  As I was reading over their lists, I was quite surprised at some of their choices.  Number 10 on this list is staying at the Port Orleans -French Quarter Resort.  When we stayed here last October, it was our first time to upgrade to a moderate resort.  Man, were we all glad we made that decision!

Our first treat at this fabulous resort was the cute creation left in our room by Mousekeeping.  Each day all 3 kids had a new friend awaiting them in our room.  Zachary takes a stuffed animal everywhere he goes. On this trip, we happened to have Ricky the Red Panda along for the ride.  Every evening he was in a surprise location awaiting our return.  This made him feel extra special!

The pool at PO-FQ was the best by far that we have ever experienced.  The dragon mouth slide was hard to get the kids off of!  It was magical compared to the plain slides at the value resorts that we had been used to.   Even though the water temps were chilly in early October, the kids didn’t want to stop swimming, sliding, playing and meeting new friends. 

The room themes were amazing!  The thing that fascinated the kids the most was that we had two sinks. 🙂   The themes in the rooms take you straight to New Orleans.  I just love how Disney makes everything feel magical, no matter where you are. 

Our whole family enjoyed our daily walks along the beautifully landscaped grounds.  We even ventured over to Riverside and tried our hands at the cane pole fishing at Ole Mans Island.  The kids also loved the boat rides that were available to Riverside and Downtown Disney.  They had never experienced an open air boat ride before.  We HAD to do this at least once a day, even if it was just to Riverside and back! 

Another special treat that we had never experienced at any of the value resorts was the Bell Hop.  Mr. Mardi Gras, as the kids called him, was in the lobby everyday greeting guest entering and leaving the resort.  The kids would race to him each morning to get the special coins that he gave.  They would head to the fountain and make their special Disney wishes of the day.  He made each of the children feel like his/her coin was picked especially for them. 

 So, as you can see, this resort is top notch on the moderate resort list.  I couldn’t believe that my kids chose this over the many fantastic rides and attractions as one of the top 10 most fun things to do at Disney.  I do have to admit though, the adults in the group agree.

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Shannan is a mom that was born and raised in rural Tennessee. She tells us: “I live with my husband and 3 of our 5 children. Travis is 24 and is father to my grandbabies, Emma and baby Judson. I can’t wait to start sharing Disney with them. Dusty is 22, Clay 12, Zachary 10 and Erin is 8. I clean houses to make money to fund my magical trips. I went to Disney the first time as a teen and couldn’t wait to start introducing my own children to the magic. We took our 3 youngest in 2004 and that started it all. We have been 3 times since then and have our first Christmas trip planned for this December. Usually my parents accompany us on the trip and I have to research and plan for things that will suit various ages in our party of 7. Each time I go, I try new experiences in lodging and dining so I can share it with friends and family that seek my advice on trip planning! Disney is definitely my first choice in vacation destinations. Hopefully there is a Disney surf and turf vacation in our future!“

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