Terrific Tuesdays: The Barnstormer


Goofy’s Barnstormer holds a special place in our family’s hearts.  My husband and I are both avid roller coaster fans – when we used to come to Disney pre-kid, we would literally go from park to park and just ride the coasters and thrill rides.  Over and over.  Until we couldn’t take any more.  It was just one way we enjoyed the magic.  We hoped that when we had kids, our children would love roller coasters too (especially since we were both terrified as children!).  Well, The Barnstormer has officially now been the first roller coaster ride for both of our children, and I’m happy to say, to rave reviews!


The Barnstormer has a lower height restriction than most thrill rides, only 35 inches instead of the 40 (or more) for most others.  It used to be located in Mickey’s Toon Town, and when we went on our second “babymoon” (when I was pregnant with our son Max), our daughter Maggie rode it with my husband.  I (being the mean mom I am) ran with the camera to the exit, so I could get her reaction at the end of the ride.  To my absolute shock, she loved it so much that she wouldn’t get off and they let her ride again!  She wanted to go for a third time, but I thought that maybe she should take a break before riding a roller coaster three times in a row!  We put her down to walk, and she drunk-walked back to the stroller.  It is one of our fondest memories.  


So when we went back a few years later, our son Max got to ride it for the first time.  This ride goes faster and is a bit jerkier than you would expect for a kid’s ride, but the kids all seem to LOVE it!  You can see from the smile on his face that it was definitely a hit!


Hit this ride during extra magic hours, or get a fast pass, as the lines get pretty long (especially during peak times).  A definite must-do if you are a thrill loving family!!!

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Nicole is a more recent convert to Disney, and has her husband Corey to thank. As a kid, she went a couple of times and had fun, but didn’t really catch the “Disney bug” until her husband finally convinced her to go in March of 2003. Since then, she goes every opportunity she can, and every time finds something new to explore! She’s a proud Disney Vacation Club owner and mother of two Disneyphiles – ages 5 (Maggie) and 2 (Max). She helps friends and family to plan Disney vacations all year round, and when she can’t be at Disney, she surrounds herself with it. Her house and office have plenty of pictures and souvenirs covering them, so she’s never far away from the magic!

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  1. Debbie says:

    This was my son’s first roller-coaster also, although he was closer to 10 at the time. He loved it and rode it several times that trip before moving up to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

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