Special Dining Needs At Disney: A Wonderful World Of Celebrations

12304291_10207825371619604_8810944546275094841_oWhen celebrating a special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, just married, what better place to celebrate than at Disney? As I’m sure you’ve heard many times over, if you are celebrating while visiting the Happiest Place On Earth, be sure to grab a pin that tells everyone what it is you’re celebrating. But don’t limit the celebrating to just while you’re walking around the park or having a mini celebration set up in the room, extend the celebration to your dining locations as well! Especially when it means you can eat even more allergy free deliciousness.

When making dining reservations they don’t just ask you if you have a food allergy, they also ask you if you are celebrating anything. I’ve had the privilege of celebrating many different occasions at Disney at several different locations. Each location has it’s own way of making you feel special on your special day but it’s important to know that what occurs for one person is no guarantee that it will happen for everyone. The only way to possibly get your celebration noticed by the cast members is to wear the pins and make sure that they know when you check in.

Although I’ve celebrated a few birthdays at Disney, most recently I’ve celebrated my engagement and then my honeymoon at Walt Disney World. When we were visiting right after our engagement we visited several restaurants. Of course we had on our Just Engaged pins and Cast Members left and right congratulated us. But while we were dining at Le Cellier and Be Our Guest the Cast Members went above and beyond to help us remember our special occasion and make it even more special. While we were at Le Cellier we enjoyed our delicious meal including some maple crème brulee the waitress surprised us. She came out and gave us each a glass of champagne with a raspberry in it to give us a minute to sit back, and take it all in together. It was a small thing, but so thoughtful because while you’re at Disney you don’t always get a chance to just sit there and take it all in.

12309565_10207825374339672_3166279543134154810_oThat same trip we visited my now favorite restaurant for the first time, Be Our Guest. We were still wearing our pins after going around Magic Kingdom taking pictures for our save the dates. Again, we had our delicious meal, from potato leek soup to lemon raspberry cream puffs. When the waitress came over with the dessert cart so also brought over a special treat for Tom and I. A card signed not only by our waitress with a sweet note, but also signed by Belle and Beast. We were also given some of the grey stuff, and although it is not gluten free I was told it is delicious.

More recently we went to Walt Disney World on our Honeymoon. We had our Happily Ever After pins on while we dined at the Rose and the Crown as well as a return trip to Be Our Guest. When 12309627_10207825375179693_7367440666578665110_owe dined at the Rose and the Crown we were given a signed menu which I have never seen done before. It was a little thing that would help us remember our delicious meal of potato leek soup, cheese platter, and vegetable Sheppard’s pie. At Be Our Guest we were given some not so gluten free grey stuff for my husband but a crème puff for me with a candle and a heart on the plate.

What better way to celebrate any special occasion then with food? It’s even better when the food is safe for everyone to eat and may include things that are hard to come by on a normal basis. I know personally I love going to Disney because it means food, food, and more glorious gluten free food that I can’t get anywhere else. Disney adds that special touch though when we are celebrating a special occasion. It’s not just a song and clapping like you can get just about any other restaurant. It’s a little something extra that you may not expect. Now, don’t expect it to happen everywhere, every time. There have been plenty of times when I was celebrating something and only heard the Cast Members congratulate or wish me a happy birthday. But that makes those few occasions that something does happen even more special.

Until next time my friends, have faith and trust, and let Tinkerbell shower you in pixie dust!

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Jess was born and raised on Long Island, New York but once college began so did her adventures. She’s lived in Florida, Wisconsin, and now South Carolina. Her family is part of the Disney Vacation Club and has been visiting since she was a little girl, and continuously goes every year. Besides being a big Disney fan she has also been a Disney Cast Member working in Magic Kingdom, and she counts it as one of the most magical experiences. She worked with everyone’s favorite elephant Dumbo, Cinderella’s Carousel, and Mickey’s Philharmagic. Jess has also visited Disneyland, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and gone on two Disney Cruises. She has so many great memories from Disney besides running half marathons and 5ks, birthday parties, and family reunions. If asked where she would want to go it is almost always Disney, and when asked why, it is almost always because she can eat awesome gluten free food! And it doesn’t hurt that there is always faith, trust, and pixie dust with magic in the air!

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