Disney’s Pop Century Resort: Hustle Over For Savings

I am so excited to announce the addition of some new writers for The Affordable Mouse! Going forward, our Friday post each week will be written by one of 3 very talented…and very Disney-loving ladies. This week, please welcome Kelly (who also happens to write for her own blog, the Disney Guru). Take it away Kelly!

The most fabulous thing about Disney is that there is something for everyone! No matter what your budget or taste there is sure to be a Disney resort that is just right for you. Personally, my lodging experience has taken me through every resort category except for Disney Vacation Club. I have always enjoyed each and every stay while on Disney property.

As you begin to plan your next or first Walt Disney World vacation, besides the time of year you choose to visit, where you choose to stay is one of the most important decisions you will make. Both the time of year and resort location can dictate how much money you save on your vacation.

Are you thinking about saving? Think value…..

While there are a fair share of deluxe and moderate resorts on property think about the value of staying at a value resort. Disney Pop Century Resort is my personal favorite resort on Disney property. This resort has the ability to take you back in time through American pop culture.

Similar to other value resorts on property, Pop Century Resort is divided into themed sections. Each section represents a decade spanning from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. Within each themed decade building is memorabilia that relates directly to that time period. The pop memorabilia is sure to give you some childhood flashbacks. Buildings are adorned with phrases and larger than life icons from each time period.

Like all things Disney, one of the values of staying at Pop Century is the extra attention to small details. Beginning with Classic Hall, the main building, you get the feeling that you are walking into a museum. From the “Hustle” playing on the radio to the nostalgic shadow boxes perfectly aligning the lobby walls….you are sure to take a trip down memory lane. Also included in the Classic Hall building is “Everything Pop”, the resort food court and resort shop.

Be sure to have your camera ready! Once you check in and you make your way through the grounds of the resort, you will be greeted by larger than life icons of the past. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, a 3-story tall big wheel, giant sized rubix cube and Play-Doh are amongst some of the icons you can plan to see on the trip to your room. Say cheese!!!

Pop Century does have rather small rooms but they just went through a refurbishment that includes some really nice additions to help make your stay more magical and spacious. The refurbishment includes removal of wall paper and boarder. As a result a new blue accent wall was added behind the beds. Also, brand new Mickey themed bed spreads with the decade theme have been added. This and the blue wall give the rooms a very clean and warm feeling as you enter your room. Check out the new carpet that has been added….you may see some hidden Mickey’s in it. Disney also removed the old-fashioned TV’s and replaced them with flat screen TV’s…this also allowed for a new TV hutch. Now looking at the new hutch some may think that they lost space, but with some good organization I feel that I gained space. Disney also saw the need to add some hooks in the room; you can now hang up to 5 towels or hoodies on the hooks that are just outside the entrance to the vanity area in your room…yay!!! Last, my very favorite refurbishment is an addition of a curtain to separate the vanity area from the sleeping quarters. Thank you Disney!! We spoke and you listened!!! The addition of the curtain give the vanity area a more private feel, this allows one to use this area as a changing area or a way to filter out light while you get ready and some are still sleeping.

There are two room types at Pop Century. You can opt for a king bed or a room with two doubles. Each room comes with a TV, a seprate vanity or dressing area which includes and open wardrobe area, a small dresser/hutch, and a table and two chairs. You are able to get high-speed internet but no Wi-Fi. The cost for internet is $9.95 per day. Just like all other Disney resorts, mousekeeping is in full swing at Pop Century resort. On some of my most recent stays, I have noticed that upon check in I already have towel creatures waiting for me in my room….how fun is that?

To go along with the pop culture theme, Pop Century has 3 great pools!! Each pool is themed appropriately for the decade it resides in: a bowling pin pool in the 50’s section, a flower power pool in the 60’s and a computer themed pool shared by the 80’s and 90’s. The 70’s section does not have a pool but does have a giant sized game of Twister….be sure to check that out and again, have your camera ready!!

If you like a special beverage while on vacation take a stroll over to Petals Pool Bar…they can whip up some groovy concoctions!!!

Last and certainly, not least, is the food court at Pop Century. I have been on Disney discussion boards for years and “ Everything Pop” (the food court) always gets high praise as one of the best if not the best food court on Disney property. You can to find items such as, sandwiches, salads, pizza, pasta, Asian cuisine and bakery items. A few of my personal favorites are the Tie Dye cheese cake, and chicken Mediterranean flat bread….yummy!!! In addition to a plethora of food choices you will also enjoy their drink refill station, there are plenty of pop fountains to for you to choose from. Around the corner from the bakery the Disney channel plays on a screen for kids. The kids can enjoy some relaxation time on the carpet while you have some relaxation time on the chair. 🙂

What about the transportation?

Pop Century resort has a great bussing system. I just love the fact that there is a line for each stop, this keeps all of the patrons in order 🙂 . We have stayed there 5 times and have very rarely ever waited over 10 minutes for a bus. Another great feature is that this resort does not share buses with any other resort…yay!!

Rates for the Pop Century Resort range from $82 per night during value season to $160 per night during peak season, like holidays.

When you stay at Pop Century you are sure to save a ton of money and yet you do not have to forego any of the Disney magic while doing it. Hustle your way to the Pop Century….you are sure to have a groovy time!

Kelly, her husband, and three children live in the Chicagoland area. Kelly has been traveling to Walt Disney World since the age of two. She considers Walt Disney World to be her primary vacation destination.  With 20 plus trips under her belt she still enjoys researching and learning new things about the most magical place on earth! Kelly began Disney Guru in August of 2010 with the vision of sharing fun vacation tips and magic with all fans of Disney World.

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  2. Jannel says:

    I totally agree. We stayed at Pop in December and just booked again for this Sept. We absolutely loved Pop Century! When I was booking for Sept. we considered other Disney resorts, but decied to go back to Pop because we liked it so much!

  3. Kelly says:

    So glad to hear you enjoyed your stay! I could not agree more. :0)

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  5. Coleen Mohr says:

    We will be going to Pop Century for the first time in March. We have always stayed in the moderate price hotels and cannot afford it this time. We hope we are not dissappointed.

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