Disney’s Kidani Village: A Beautiful and Peaceful Taste of Africa

One of the things I was most excited about on our recent trip to Walt Disney World, was the chance to stay at Disney’s Kidani Village, the DVC sister property of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had stayed at AKL for two nights several years ago and I fell in love with the peace and serenity that this beautiful resort offers. You don’t feel like you are at Walt Disney World! 

So the chance to spend 6 days at Kidani Village was something that I really looked forward to….and I was not disappointed! What a lovely resort, filled with beautiful and authentic African artwork, crafts, and design elements literally everywhere. I constantly found myself amazed by this little detail, or discovering that delightful surprise. I can tell you that it is beautiful…..but that’s really an understatement!

So……let me show you instead! 🙂

Unlike Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you enter a towering lobby, the lobby at Kidani Village is more intimate, and cozy, with comfy places to sit and curl up with a book. But it can still be breathtaking, especially at night….

These african inspired columns were amazing, covered in intricate designs. When we arrived, their Christmas tree was still up too, and the columns formed a kind of frame around the tree.

The buildings curve around the savannah area where the animals roam free. It was so incredibly peaceful….I loved spending my mornings on our balcony, or stepping out in the evenings to enjoy the calm serenity. So different from our days in the Disney parks!

African design elements were everywhere, from the carved shields on all the doors….

…to the display cases filled with all kinds of art and authentic crafts.

And then there were our neighbors for the week. Loved being able to watch the animals from our balcony! 🙂

There were even public viewing areas set up all around with rockers to relax in while watching….

The gift shop was right off the lobby and had the typical Disney necessities, along with a small drink station to use with your refill mugs. One disadvantage was that there is no food court or quick snack area like at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we did agree that was something that was missed. All guests at Kidani Village have access to Mara but it is a long walk or short shuttle ride away….not exactly convenient if you’re hungry!

But in addition to the “necessities” were all kinds of beautiful African-inspired items that I thought would make awesome souvenirs! It’s really a little treasure area!

All in all, I totally loved this resort. About the only thing that was a problem, other than not having any quick food options, was that the bus rides back and forth were long…..you really had to plan ahead to allow for enough time to get places!

Still, I think that Kidani Village, along with Animal Kingdom Lodge, is Disney design and imagineering at it’s finest. Go for a visit sometime, even if just for dinner at Sanaa and to spend a few hours exploring. Be warned though….you might not want to leave. 🙂

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