Disney’s FastPass vs. Waiting in Line

Call me crazy, but Disney’s fast pass service is something that we have never and will never use. For some, this is the most convenient and efficient way to see everything that Disney has to offer. I can remember vacationing to Disney as a little girl and standing hours and hours in anticipation waiting for our turn to ride. It made waiting for the attraction so worth it.  It was what made Disney for us… well, Disney. You stand in lines and you wait. That is how we have always seen Disney. Now that Disney has fast pass, you can get your stub and return to the line later with little or no wait.

For us, that’s not Disney. Call us old fashioned but standing in line doesn’t bother us. On a recent visit to Walt Disney World, we learned that some of the attractions fast pass lines were longer than the stand by line. That was very surprising. In some ways, I think that they shouldn’t have a fast pass system, as in, everyone has to wait their turn but I know and understand that waiting 2 hours for a ride such as Toy Story Mania, isn’t for everyone. How do you feel? Are you a new state of the art fast passer or are you old fashioned like me and stand Disney style in line and wait it out?

Keep Believing ~ Belinda

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One Response to Disney’s FastPass vs. Waiting in Line

  1. Lace says:

    Personally I do enjoy the fast pass … but let me clarify this statement. When we spend a week at Disneyland we have the opportunity to ride same rides over again .. if it’s something like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mtn., well probably most, I was going to say except Indy, but then I’d use it with Indy too if I’d already been on it through the ‘longest’ line as there is so much to see… I do and will use Fastpass when the need arises but for the most part I feel that the ‘wait’ is part of the ride! If one doesn’t take the time to enjoy all there is, to see in the entire ride, well then they are missing a lot of atmosphere and some really fun features too. You mention Toy Story – this is one of the lines we really enjoy! We find ourselves talking to people in line about this game or that and it just makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Indiana Jones is the same for us… the line wraps around outside (this is when there is a very long wait ) and I can only remember having this long wait when it first opened then during the 50 years, probably a few more times. The thing is, it gives you time to look for ‘Hidden Mickeys’ and as my niece says, “feel” the experience. Indy for one has many many interesting aspects in the queue and if you haven’t experienced it you really must – this is one ride where we let those in a big hurry pass us by so we can enjoy the entire experience. So bottom line, I think the Fastpass has it’s time and place and in reality is a ‘good’ thing. It’s nice to have options.

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