Disney Outside the Parks: A Surprise Treat

Has anyone visited any fairs or festivals this summer and seen something interesting?  I’ve been to a local art fair, a county fair, and the state fair.  Now what does this have to do with Disney?  At all these fairs, I saw a food item that I have never seen outside of the Magic Kingdom…a Pineapple Whip aka the Dole whip!

Pineapple Whips must be the hot item in Indiana this summer.  There was 1 booth at county fair and at the local arts festival.  But, at the Indiana State Fair, I saw at least 3 booths that offered a Pineapple Whip (including one that had an Orange Whip). 

I had my first Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom few years ago after finally giving in to stand in that long line in Adventure Land.  I know lots of people think these are the greatest treat, worthy of a late night trip to the Polynesian.  I thought it was a unique, good, refreshing snack on a warm day.  But definitely, it was something that I never expected to see outside of Walt Disney World.  So now that I’ve tasted the original, it was time to put it in a comparison test. 

This is the booth I stopped at; staffed with 2 “island bums.”  Or it could be that their attitude was brought on by the 3 ladies who were visiting their booth.   If you can read the sign, it is advertising that the Dole Whip only has 20 calories/ounce and made from real fruit….its a healthy treat!  And it comes in either a cup or a cone, it could come in with additional ice cream, or added flavors. 

Our whip was cold, creamy with the taste of pineapple just as it should be.  It melted quickly even thought it wasn’t overly warm (for summer standards).  I can’t remember what size the Dole Whip is at Magic Kingdom, but for $3.50 and cost of fair admission, it was much cheaper than a trip to Florida to get the Dole Whip fix. 

As a side note, one of the tasters of this Pineapple whip had a Dole Whip from the actual Dole plantation in Hawaii.  She gobbled hers down in half the time it took me.  And was more excited than us to see this special treat. 

So keep your eyes open, you never know when you’ll discover a hidden Disney surprise!  Have a magical day!!

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Adrienne is originally from the Chicago area but lives outside of Indianapolis with her husband, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. She went to Disneyland when she was 7, which started her love of Disney. She even named one of her dogs after her favorite princess, Aurora. She and her husband celebrated their honeymoon at Walt Disney World in 2007 and have returned for every anniversary. They have stayed at variety of resorts on property and traveled with friends and family. Adrienne and her husband bought into DVC in May 2011 and rewarded themselves with their first fall trip for some of the special events. Adrienne and her husband consider WDW their “second home” and have become the go-to people for any Disney related questions and advice from friends, families, and acquaintances.

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