Dining at Walt Disney World: The Great Cinnamon Roll Migration

  One of the best memories from our last trip to Walt Disney World was food related (shocking I know). Minnie and I walked into the Main Street Bakery and ordered a cinnamon roll. I was wearing my Cleveland Browns jersey and the lady who was serving us asked if we were from Ohio. I said yes and told her where. She smiled as she placed the gigantic roll on the plate. “So am I, would you like some sauce”? “Of course” I said with a laugh. She began to take both spatulas and gather up what had to be a pint of caramel heaven between them. She then poured it on top of our roll! She handed it to me and said “I always love when fellow buckeyes come through here”.  We sat down with two forks and began to enjoy our breakfast while watching the people pass by the window.

I am a “creature” of habit. Especially with food. Once I find a great food item somewhere I don’t look anywhere else for that item. So for me the only place you could get the cinnamon roll was at the Main Street Bakery. Couple that with the great environment and it was a win-win for me.

Well, as with all creatures, we must migrate to survive. When I first learned of Starbucks invading my Main Street Bakery, lets just say I wasn’t a happy bird. I won’t get on my soapbox this time I think the time has passed on that. However, I have learned there are other places to find this treasured treat.

One is just around the corner in New Fantasyland. Gaston’s Tavern serves the “warm cinnamon roll” for $3.99. It is big enough to feed two (or just Gaston). If you have flown past the Magic Kingdom to World Showcase. you can stop at the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe in Norway. They have a variation of the cinnamon roll that is the filling wrapped in a flaky pastry. Let’s be real though, why would you go all the way to Norway and not get the school bread!

The most interesting one is also the newest. If you really wanted to fly south for the winter then head to Africa. In Disney’s Animal Kingdom you can go to the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery. They have a very limited but fantastic menu. They put their own spin on the classic Cinnamon roll. The “warm colossal cinnamon roll” is $8.99 but is billed as family sized. It doesn’t stand five feet high like the classic version. However, it has more of a “pull apart” feel. Almost like the gigantic monkey bread your grandma used to make. It is also topped with caramel sauce and white icing.

So even if your natural habitat has been invaded by the brand name highway of tomorrow, you can still find your familiar piece of comfort. You just have to fly around and find it.

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Keith was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.He now lives with his wife a few miles from his childhood home. His first trip to the Magic Kingdom was at the age of two and while the only memories are in pictures, the magic laid dormant within him. Until he saw the animated movie Robin Hood, and his love began to grow. He has always had an interest in food and the togetherness it brings. He became a classically trained chef and all around foodie. His last trip to Disney World was in 2011 and he has been learning, researching, and keeping up on all things Disney since. He hopes to bring you all of the food news from the parks, tips on how to save money on food, and all the tastes and smells from the House of Mouse (especially when smell o vision is invented). You can follow Keith on Twitter @DarthChef79.

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  1. Jim says:

    That is a great story, I’m hungry just reading it. I know what I’m having on our next trip to WDW.

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