Dining at Walt Disney World: Big Top Treats

Another important, but sometimes over looked, food selection is the Disney World snack.  Disney takes their snacks just as seriously as they do everything else.  Whether you have the Dining Plan or are just looking to satisfy that sweet tooth there is a snack or treat around every corner in Disney World. 

One of the places that we thoroughly enjoy visiting is Big Top Souvenirs.  This brightly colored, combination souvenir and snack shop, resembles a giant circus tent and is located just across from the Dumbo attraction in the New Fantasyland.  The building stands out as the center piece of the circus themed area, but it’s what’s inside that will get your mouth watering…well if you have a sweet tooth that is.  When you walk into the shop the aroma of sweet, sweet sugar fills your lungs and makes those happy endorphins flow all throughout your mind and body.  The center of the shop is where the magic happens.  The glass counter contains some of the most wonderful treats imaginable. 

 On the top shelf choose from dipped apples, pineapples, strawberries, or bananas.  The second shelf has the most mouth-watering caramel apples you will ever see (all Disney themed of course); they are covered in a variety of toppings including, fudge, crushed candy bars, and a variety of nuts.  The third shelf has never-ending amounts of themed Cake Pops.  You can choose from vanilla, chocolate or red velvet cake.  The next shelf contains dipped and wrapped marshmallows and Rice Krispy Treats shaped like Mickey Mouse.  The Rice Krispy treats are dipped and covered with as many toppings as one could ever think of.  There are also themed cupcakes, brownies, covered pretzels, fudge, and cookies that are so big that someone who regularly bakes wonders just how much cookie dough is used to create that one gigantic cookie?  Cotton Candy and Carmel Corn are also among the selections at the snack stop.

The pictures really don’t do it justice, the treats are huge and mouth-watering.

Although not included in Disney’s Dining Plan, it is still completely worth a visit.  The prices range from $2.49 for a Cream-filled Mickey Macaroon to $12.99 for the full, all-out, Gourmet Caramel Apple.  Most items are priced between $3.99-$5.00 though.

Of course they have Frozen inspired treats!

 We generally get the same things when we go here…the Cake Pops.  I (Abbie) am absolutely dying to try the Caramel Apples.  I’ve had them before at other locations and know they were heavenly, so I’m certain Disney’s would be just as delicious.  This past time Emalie got a Mickey shaped Rice Krispy treat topped with fudge and mini M&M’s.  Lucas got a Mike Wazowski shaped chocolate Cake Pop.  Ethan went with a white cake Mickey shaped, and themed, Cake Pop.  Lee and I shared a chocolate dipped, Mickey shaped, Red Velvet Cake Pop. 

I love the attention to detail and the amazing ways each piece is uniquely Disney themed.

Emalie loved her treat and it took her about three days to finish the whole thing.  The Cake Pops were absolutely decadent.  The outside chocolate coating was perfect and didn’t crumble into a million pieces when you bit into it.  The cake inside was so moist and delicious and I am certain I could eat 4-5 of them in one sitting!

 We thoroughly enjoy all the treats offered around the World and like trying new things.  Try something new and let us know how you like it or let us know what your favorites are so maybe we can try something new.

 Until Next Time, Lee & Abbie

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Lee & Abbie are originally from Greenwood, Indiana but are now located in sunny, warm, Tampa, Florida where they were relocated with Lee’s job last summer. They have three junior Mousejunkies: Ethan (13), Emalie (7), and Lucas (4) who love all things Disney as well. Abbie has always been a Disney Fanatic however Lee didn’t catch the bug until he and Abbie took their first family trip in 2011. They both thoroughly enjoy every aspect of Disney and all the magic it has to offer, especially the food. Lee has become more of a food critic since being married to Abbie who loves to cook and try new foods. Now they spend much of their free time finding new things around the Happiest Place on Earth to try and see.

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