Your Pets Can Go To Disney World Too!!

Editor: Welcome to our Guest Blogger, Amy, who is here today to share some important information about Disney World vacations and those very special family members….our pets. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us today Amy!

Disney World Kennel Entrance

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If you are like many families you have a pet or two. Or you may be like mine and have too many to count. Did you know your pets can have a vacation at Disney World too?

Walt Disney World offers kennel services but that is not all: they also have grooming, day camp and even a pet spa. And there is a dog park where you can visit your beloved friend while you are on vacation too. 

“Best Friends Pet Care” accepts most pets, with the exception of venomous animals, primates, native wildlife or exotic species. 

A range of accommodations is offered, and there are extensive activities that you can pick from. They also have a long list of grooming options that will pamper your pets, and even offer a de-skunking shampoo. (Wish I lived closer: I have had a few times I really needed that.) These can all be arranged when you make your reservations. 

When you and your pet arrive, you will need to bring vaccination records, special foods, medications, collar and leash, two toys with your name on them, and any special treats. You do not need to bring bedding or bowls, as those are provided.

As for your pet’s accommodations, you have a lot of choices. These vary from an indoor/outdoor two room suite to VIP Luxury Suites. There is even a choice of TV, web cams, turn down biscuit, and a bed time story. Is your pet not a dog? Well there is a Kitty City just for the feline friends and even a place for pocket pets. Yes even your hamster can have a Disney vacation. Rates vary on all of these and can be discussed when making reservations.

This is a fun place where your pets can be pampered in the Disney style while you are enjoying all Disney has to offer as well!

Reservations are recommended. For more information, contact Best Friends Pet Care: 877-4-WDW-PETS or (877) 493-9738 or, visit And be sure to check out the photos and videos (including a live webcam) at

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Amy lives in middle Tennessee with 2 children (one 7 and one 16) As Amy tells us: “We homeschool our kids, raise bees, have a goat and 4 dogs! I am a giant foodie and love to try new foods. We try to visit Disney as much as possible and always go with my parents and sister. My favorite rides at Disney are the rollercoasters.”

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