Wordless Wenesday: Jungle Cruise…an Oldie but a Still a Goodie

Once upon a time, Jungle Cruise was the coolest thing around when it came to animals and Disney World.  The idea that you could take a boat ride on some of the “rivers of the world” and have someone guide you as you drifted by wild animals and headhunters…well unless you were planning a real trip down the Amazon, this was the next best thing. In Disney style of course. Then Disney’s Animal Kingdom was born…and suddenly those animatronic “wild” animals seemed sort of…..well not very wild, at least not compared to the real thing.

But I don’t think that has lessened the charm of Jungle Cruise. I still think the animals are pretty awesome, and I still totally appreciate the technology that created them. It really is an amazing attraction!

Of course, the Boat Guides are pretty darn entertaining themselves….. :)

Many thanks to Brenda for this great photo!

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One Response to Wordless Wenesday: Jungle Cruise…an Oldie but a Still a Goodie

  1. Deb says:

    Ah I love the Jungle Cruise! Nice pic!

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