Wordless Wednesday: What’s That Toy?

Toy Story Midway Mania is my favorite ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a couple of reasons. One, because it’s super fun. But I also really love the queues in this ride! It is so much fun to see all the different childhood toys and remember playing with them! While it’s always nice to have a FastPass for this ride because the line can get very long very fast, in a way it’s nice to have the chance, while waiting in line, to check out all those toys!

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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: What’s That Toy?

  1. Shepard C Willner says:

    The toy in the photo above is Tinker Toy, which was made of wood. All of pieces were wooden: the rods and those round pieces. The toy is occasionally used to make organic chemistry formula models for those of you who majored in chemistry in college (I didn’t, thankfully!).

  2. Shepard C Willner says:

    I wonder why Lincoln Logs and Erector Set aren’t featured as attractions. Ditto for Spirograph, Gumby, and GI Joe. Those are the toys I remember from my childhood, along with an electric train set and Legos.

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