Wordless Wednesday: Lights, Lights and More Lights!

The Osborne Spectacle of Lights is a must see when you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the Christmas Season! Millions of lights that are synchronized to holiday music, snow falling from the sky and there’s no extra charge for this amazing show. It’s a sure way to get you into the holiday spirit!

Question of the Day: There are tons of great photo opportunities at Walt Disney World. What is your favorite?

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Karen grew up in the Boston area and traveled to Disney World many times with her parents and sister. Always staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins gave the trips a feeling of a home away from home. It also started the tradition of attending the Hoop Dee Doo Review on each trip! Somehow that show sparked her interest in the Disney College Program. Which she did in the fall of 2002, working as a hostess @ Captain Jacks in Downtown Disney. Now as an adult, Karen finds herself traveling to the parks on a yearly basis! Photography has always been a hobby of Karen’s, but over the past few years it has become her passion. It’s even taken her to her favorite place! The Make a Wish Foundation sent a family to Disney for a week and Karen was lucky enough to be their photographer of choice! She got to tag along and photograph their memories being made. She hopes to get that experience again someday! You can find more of Karen’s photography on her site www.KPportraits.com.

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82 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Lights, Lights and More Lights!

  1. Steve Harris says:

    Our two favorites are at the statue of Walt and Mickey and the statue of Roy and Minnie. They are musts for us.

  2. Gaylin says:

    I love getting my photo taken with Tigger! The only character photo I have from my first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1978 is with Tigger and now it is a tradition. I love to eat at the Crystal Palace, guaranteed photo op with the Tig!

  3. Christina says:

    Well this will be more 12 and 4 yr old daughters first trips to this magical place. We are looking forward to pics of the castle and just loads of pics around each park with my 2 girls having a fantastic time.

  4. Cathleen King says:

    I don’t have a favorite place, but for me, any place that’s memorable.

  5. Judy H. says:

    My favorite is with the caatle or my favoritw character Eeyore. I can’t wait until this August ahen we go and my new favorite picture will be the first time my kids see Mickey.

  6. Nicole Moore says:

    Our favorite photo opportunity is always a shot in front of or next to Cinderella’s Castle. We always take a picture in front of it and on both sides as well. Last year, we were able to get our photos with the beautiful icicle lights as well!! Gorgeous.

  7. Gwenda Davis says:

    My favorite is on a bridge right around the corner from the castle. At night the water reflects the castle and the castle is in place but also exactly upside down from the reflection. It is beautiful.

  8. I always take a picture with the partners statue 🙂

  9. Tanya says:

    I love pictures with e sunset, Spaceship Earth and the lagoon in the bepackground!

  10. Lauren Cortright says:

    An awesome photo was taken of my family in Epcot’s China. When I used it on a Christmas card, some distant relatives thought we had actually gone to China!

  11. Lynn Green Brooks says:

    One of my favorite spots is to the side of the castle with the reflection in the water.

  12. Jerri Vance says:

    I love our pics in front of the partners statue will the castle in the background too!

  13. Chella Wherley says:

    I always get my picture at the Animal Kingdom Christmas tree !! Love it !!

  14. Tonia Thornburgh says:

    My favorite place for a family picture is in the lobby of whatever resort we are staying at! (I almost said hotel) LOL

  15. patti sena says:

    My favorite photos would have to be the ones taken of my grandsons with their favorite characters.

  16. Rebecca Guithues says:

    I would love to find that out for myself, for I have never been. 🙁

  17. Doris says:

    My favorite place is by Crystal Palace restaurant in evening w castle in background. Feels right.

  18. laurie says:

    Loved ti take pictures if my boys at WinterSummerland mini golf. Makes fir a great Christmas card!

  19. Lisa Commander says:

    I shouldn’t give away my favorite secret. But I will. An EXTREMELY early breakfast in Epcot and Magic Kingdom have yielded the GREATEST pictures of our lives with nobody else in the background of the Castle, or Spaceship Earth. They were so amazing that we used them for our engagement photos. And now, I make sure I book VERY early breakfasts as much as I can for our visits. It is by far the greatest accidental secret I’ve discovered since 2007!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I’m always mesmerized by Cinderella’s Castle – I love seeing how its look changes throughout the day and the lights on it at night, and I got several great pictures of it during Celebrate the Magic. Each time we walk by it, I’m tempted to get my camera out again. I think we took four or five different family photos with the castle in the background at different times of day.

  21. Jenny Hollenbeck says:

    With my son and husband on Main Street with the castle in the background. I am actually tearing up thinking about it! February cannot get here soon enough!

  22. Brooke Elkins says:

    I love taking a pic of my kids on the Teacups…before it gets too dizzy….complete joy on their faces!

  23. Amy Pike says:

    I love practically anywhere in Epcot. But, I also love the bridge castle shot in Magic Kingdom.

  24. roxane haynes says:

    Cinderellas Castle of course.

  25. Ann Bourgeois says:

    We like taking pictures together anywhere but our family’s favorite spot would have to be the castle. This trip, my husband and I want to take a picture in front of Beast’s castle. His nickname for me is Annabelle because he says that I am Belle to his Beast.

  26. Amber says:

    I always get a picture of my fiancé in Hollywood studios near the backlot where there is a sign saying ” yous guys moychindice” bc that’s how he talks lol…. It’s memorable for us, can’t say there’s a line of people waiting to do the same, but I love it!

  27. Austyn Burton says:

    We love to take our family picture with Mickey. It’s usually the only part of the trip we can get all 5 of us together! I have MCS- Mommy Camera Syndrome!

  28. Amber Schlicher says:

    I like to get a shot with my husband with Everest in the background. I also love getting a picture in front of Space Ship Earth at night.

  29. Hope says:

    We ALWAYS get pics with Mickey! He is a must!!! I also took a photo of my son (asleep in his stroller) when he was 2 in front of the Fantasia Mickey garden at Hollywood Studios and we make sure to take one every time we go!

  30. Angie Flick says:

    There really isn’t a bad spot to take a picture at Disney…the castle is a classic along with Mickey Mouse. On our last trip we took a picture of our children in front of the sign “Let the Memories Begin” at the entrance to Magic Kingdom. It was their first time at the parks and it was the perfect picture for the beginning of our magical trip! 🙂

  31. MelissA says:

    The castle pic is my favorite.

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