Why Cruise with Disney?

Researching cruises can give you a lot to think about.  Which cruise line should I select, what type of room is right for me, what activities do I want?

I have heard people say that Disney Cruise Line is a bit more expensive than others but when you look at the overall price, you’ll find that you get what you pay for.  Disney provides service, amenities, activities like no other (and I have sailed others).  There is something to be said for the Disney reputation – they certainly live up to it on their cruises.  Some people say they don’t want a Disney cruise because they don’t want to spend their time with Disney characters.  

Having sailed several times on Disney I can attest to the fact that the experience was more than I could have imagined.  With each cruise I have taken I am always talking about the room stewards – it amazes me how hard they work to make your room clean and welcoming.  With the many rooms they are responsible for, they remember your name, always have a smile on their face and make you feel that they are there for you and you only.  The special touches; towel animals, taking one of your items such as a stuffed animal and placing them in a special spot to put a smile on your face, putting the daily navigator on your bed every evening so that you can plan your next days events, the list goes on.

The waitstaff is another special group.  It seems from the first night you meet until your last meal aboard the ship, they make the effort to remember your likes and dislikes.  And it continually amazes me how they remember the guests names when they receive guests anywhere from every three days to every seven days.  Disney Cruise Line has a crew that works hard to provide every detail you look for on a vacation.  Don’t forget, this includes everyone, not just the staff you have contact with.  There are those who you will never meet but are working very hard to make your time the most magical time it can be.  

And if you do wonder whether or not you’ll spend your vacation with Disney characters, that’s up to you.  You can see as much or as little of them as you want.  So if you want to have your picture taken with Donald, go to a meet and greet.  If you want to spend quiet time without characters, go to an adult only activity.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to decide what suits you.

The value of a Disney cruise is beyond comparison if you ask me.  I am thrilled that new and exciting itineraries are being added because I know I will be taking more Disney cruises in the future.  Bon Voyage!

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Sheila tells us: I live in Massachusetts with my husband and 2 daughters and was first introduced to Disney over 35 years ago. Having visited many times since, we always found ourselves eager to return because Disney always provided us so many options on things to do. One hot, humid, August day back in 1998, while visiting Animal Kingdom, a gentleman asked if we would like a ride in an air conditioned van along with an ice cold lemonade in exchange for an hour of his time. We took him up on his offer and when that hour was up we wanted to hear more…more about the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). We became DVC members that day and have never regretted our decision – we enjoy amazing vacations.

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