What Does a Disney World Travel Agent DO?

One of the most common questions that I get from people is “how can using a Disney travel agent help me?” And I think it’s a fair question, especially from the many folks who have never used a travel agent before. The thing is, there are lots of things I am able to do as a Disney vacation specialist, to help folks with their Disney vacations, whether you are a Disney veteran, or this is your very first trip. With this in mind, since this question is asked so frequently, I thought I would take today’s blog post to re-run an article that I wrote last year.  🙂

Free Planning Help

Probably the biggest myth out there, is that using a travel agent will cost the client more….and frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the services of a Disney World travel agent are free to the vacationer, as travel agents are paid by the company that they book with. So when using a travel agent, the client gets tons of help, Disney expertise and planning knowledge….for free. It’s a win-win situation for the Disney vacationer!

Saving Money

Working with a Disney travel agent is not only free, but in many cases it will save the client money both in the short term as well as the long term. One of the reasons I was so excited to do this, was to have the ability to know about all available Disney promotions and deals, guaranteeing that my clients are saving the most money possible. After all, I founded The Affordable Mouse, so you know I am all about saving money! 🙂

So it has been very gratifying to work with folks whose vacations ended up costing almost a third of what they were expecting, simply because they came to me for help. I consider saving people that much money a huge success!

Perhaps the part that is the nicest for clients, is knowing that their Disney World travel agent is always monitoring their trip, and when new promotions come out, the agent will automatically re-book their trip if it will save them money. Even for a Disney veteran who keeps up with all the latest Disney news, and is aware of when discounts come out….it’s very nice to know that they don’t have to take the time to crunch the numbers and get on the phone with Disney to re-book….their agent is doing all of that for them.

Resorts and Dining and Tickets Oh My!

Clearly there is a lot involved in planning a Disney vacation. For the person that is new to Disney, having the guidance and help of a Disney World travel agent can be a huge relief. From the minute that someone contacts me, I am available to discuss resort options, dining, tickets, where to go and when, and a whole host of other important Disney planning questions. Planning a Disney vacation is overwhelming when you have never done so before….and even if you have, it takes a lot of time…which is something that many people just don’t have. So even if you are a Disney veteran, and have an idea of what you want your trip to be like, having someone take care of all the details is very helpful. Let’s face it: wouldn’t you rather sleep in at 180 days out from your trip and have your Disney World travel agent book your ADRs for you? 🙂

Let’s Talk Experience

There are a lot of amazing and wonderful travel agents out there, but when you’re going on a Disney vacation, you need a Disney travel specialist. I hear all the time from folks who have “talked to an agent at XYZ” who told them information about Walt Disney World that is just not true….or the person was very vague because they clearly didn’t know Disney.

Well a Disney World travel agent knows Disney, and if you’re going to the expense of planning what you hope will be a truly magical vacation for your family, why not use someone who will plan your trip as if it were their own?

I have to say that I truly love what I am doing. I get such joy out of knowing that families that I work with are creating special and lasting Disney memories on their vacations…and that I have had a very small part in helping them to do so.

Kind of like spreading a little of my own pixie dust, one Disney vacation at a time! 🙂

Find out how the FREE services of a Disney World travel agent can make planning your Disney vacation simple…and stress-free!

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