Visit my Friends at Chip and Co.: I’m Over There Too!

scn_wel_004I am excited to share with you that I am now writing for one of my favorite Disney sites, Chip and Co.! Yesterday, my first article for them was published:

Can We Afford to Go to Disney World.. Again..and Again?

It happened again the other day. I heard someone say: “I would love to go on a Disney World vacation, but it’s just too expensive.”

I have lost count how many times I have heard this statement, and I always feel kind of bad when I do, because I think that’s what most people think, and it prevents folks from even considering a trip to Disney World because they think they can’t afford it. The thing is a Disney vacation can actually be very affordable. There are all kinds of ways to save money. It’s really all about how you plan……Read the rest here…

Thanks for visiting me at Chip and Co.! Don’t worry, I’ll still be here as well! 🙂 Have a magical day!

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