Tuesday Disney Tips: Where Can I Find the Tip Boards?

There are smart phone applications for just about everything nowadays. There is even one to tell you how long the waits are at the various rides at Disney parks. For those of us who either can’t afford a smart phone, choose not to have one, or just don’t want to use the apps for that purpose, we can still rely on the old fashioned tip boards to fill us in.

The 4 main parks all have tip boards that offer up-to-date wait times at the major rides, shows and attractions inside their respective parks. Just in case you don’t know where to look, here is where you can find them:

At the Magic Kingdom, the tip board is located on the left side of Main Street as you approach the castle, right across the walkway from Casey’s.

Epcot offers three tip boards due to its size; one can be found between Spaceship Earth and the Fountain of Nations, one is in the Future World West plaza near the Inventor’s Circle, and one is located in Future World East near the path to Mission: Space.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the tip board is located right at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard under a covered roof.

The Animal Kingdom tip board is located on Discovery Island on the right side of the path, just past the end of the bridge from the Oasis. It is before you get to the Tree of Life.

If you’re having trouble finding the tip boards in the parks, look for the capital “T” in a black circle on the theme park map which you should have grabbed when entering the park. Of course, a friendly cast member is always available to help as well.

Avoid the lines…check the board!

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Brenda is a native Texan born and raised on the Gulf Coast. She visited Disney World twice as a teenager and always dreamed of growing her family Disney. She took her first-timer husband and their three children to Disney World in 2000 and they now spend every Thanksgiving there. Brenda writes with a comedic twist on various Disney topics. She will be sharing tips she has learned during her travels and also hopes to enlighten people on little-known freebies that Disney has to offer. She wishes she could have met Walt Disney and considers herself to be a student of Walt. In parallel to his dream it is her wish that everyone would take at least one trip to Disney World in order to share in its magic with their families.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Disney Tips: Where Can I Find the Tip Boards?

  1. Bird says:

    I had no idea they did this!!

  2. Brenda says:

    Look for them during your next trip, Bird. It can save you a lot of time and it sometimes helps us to decide whether to stop for meals now or later, too! Have a magical day!!!

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