Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Walt Disney World Thrills

 If you and your family love thrill rides, than old one to those Mickey Ears, because Disney has some awesome ones!  Here are some of the thrill-i-est thrills you can find at Walt Disney World, in no certain order:

1.  Space Mountain – Blast through Space on this thriller indoor roller coaster with dips and dives and turns crazy enough to toss your cookies, if you ate cookies right before getting on;)  This classic Disney ride is located in Magic Kingdom.  It’s not too scary, but just thrilling enough to make you want to ride again and again!

2.  Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road – Enjoy a fun ride through a gold mining town on your very own runaway mine train!  You zip in and out of different parts of the mountain, passing by all sorts of interesting happenings along the way.  This is a family friendly coaster in Magic Kingdom and appeals to kids of all ages.

3.  Splash Mountain – Join Br’er Rabbit on his adventures aboard this log-flume ride in Magic Kingdom.  You experience a few turn and dips along the way, especially that last one!  Beware of the front, you may get “splashed”!

4.  Tower of Terror – Located on the swanky Hollywood Boulevard of Hollywood Studios, come visit the Hollywood Hotel to learn what happened one dark and stormy night in 1939.  Take a trip on a fated elevator as you meet the same fate as those poor 5 souls all those years ago.  You might want to hang on – what goes up must come down!  It’ll be fun, I promise!

5.  Rock n Roll Roller Coaster – You arrive on scene in Hollywood Studios as Aerosmith is getting ready for a concert, but wait!!  There’s no way Steven Tyler is going to let you miss out on such an event, so he’s nice enough to pull up a stretch limo for you.  This limo likes speed, right from the take off and you will feel it as you ride through this indoor coaster with blacklights, music and likes of loops and turns!

6.  Test Track – Located in EPCOT, this ride lets you design your car and “test” it out.  You’ll be ushered into a room full of computers where you and your group will design a car.  Then, saving it to a card, you’ll move to the testing phase where you hop in a car, swipe your saved vehicle and take it for a spin through a series of tests.  The best part?  Let’s see how fast your car can go – hold on!!!

7.  Mission Space – Have you always wanted to be astronaut?   To know what rocketing into space feels like without actually have to go?  Look no further!  In this EPCOT ride, you train with the best for your mission to Mars in a simulator type ride.  You can pick your intensity on this ride {listen to the many warnings posted, if you are prone to sickness, pick less intense!} and then hop on in for an out-of-this-world experience.

8.  Expedition to Everest – Explore the thrills and mystery of climbing Mt. Everest and meeting the Yeti.  This Animal Kingdom coaster is full of surprises – wait…is the track broken?  Why are we going backwards!? A Himalayan adventure full of dips and twirls and backwards swirls, you can decide for yourself if the Yeti is real!

9.  Dinosaur – The thrill of this Animal Kingdom ride lies in the…um…characters you meet along the way.  Travel back in time to rescue a gentle dinosaur from extinction, but watch out!  Not all the dinosaurs you find are as nice tempered as that!  Plus, you may have to compete with the end of the world before you get back safely.

10.  Summit Plummet – Love thrills and water slides?  Well look no further than the marriage of these two at Blizzard Beaches most extreme attraction.  This ski jump is a 120 foot “slope” that no thrill seeker should miss!

 Whoever said Disney is just for little kids clearly hasn’t experienced all the thrills Mickey has to offer!

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Tina works full time as a school counselor in an elementary school. She lives close to Baltimore, MD with her husband Dave and her 13 year old stepdaughter, Ashley. They also have a furry family member, a cat name Frodo, that keeps life interesting in their house! Tina began visiting Disney World as a child with her family, and now her, Dave & Ashley take a trip to the World every year. She considers herself a Disney “fanatic” and once her family is finished one trip, she is already planning their next one. Tina loves to find the best deals, even in the busy seasons (she can only go when schools are off!) and loves sharing those deals & tips with anyone and everyone! What Tina loves most is the magic of WDW, it makes her feel like a kid again. She hopes that every family has the opportunity go to the World and experience the magic for themselves because it has a way of reminding its visitors that dreams do indeed come true! Read more of Tina’s work on her blog A Not So Bland Life, where she writes about home decor, cooking, couponing, traveling, and and of course, Disney!

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