Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Things to do at Disney on a Rainy Day!

No one likes it when it rains on their Disney parade, literally!  However, we don’t have to let the rain ruin our fun.  Usually, the rain passes fairly quickly in Orlando, but occasionally there may be a really wet day, all day, that we may have to trudge through. Here are 10 ideas of what to do on a rainy day in Disney.  You can combine a few of these to make one awesome, however rainy, day.  One way or another, the day won’t go to waste!

1.  Movies!  Check out the awesome Fork & Screen Dine in Theater in Downtown Disney and catch the latest flick!  Theaters like this are always a fun treat, because you can eat real food, not just popcorn, as you enjoy your film.

2.  Disney Quest! This HUGE arcade in Downtown Disney needs at least an afternoon to explore anyways, and usually we don’t want to give up a “park” day to do this.  If we see rain in the forecast, we may head here to entertain ourselves for a few hours!

3.  Sleep!  Whether you sleep in and wake up really slow, or take a long afternoon nap, or BOTH…this is a great way to spend a rainy day.  If you are in Disney for more that 4 or 5 days, you may need a day to rest and relax anyways.  When there is a rainy day during your trip, you won’t feel as bad missing out on all the park fun.  Rest up!

4.  Do the parks anyway! Do you own a poncho?  If not, buy one BEFORE your trip (they are much cheaper at your local Target!) and put that baby on and go about your day as planned.  Most of the rides will be open during rain, unless there is thunder and lightening.  Your best bet would be Magic Kingdom or Epcot, as most of the rides in these parks are covered and/or close together so that you won’t get too wet!

5.  Explore the resorts!  We love to explore all the resorts.  We may stop in one to eat, or get a treat or a drink, or shop in the stores, or take fun photos.  This is a great rainy day activity, besides getting to and from the resorts, everything is inside!  If you do the monorail resorts, you’ll hardly notice the rain, and the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary, and the Polynesian are some of the BEST resorts to explore.

6.  Shop till you drop!  Head to Downtown Disney with a poncho, and visit all the stores, there are so many cool ones to see!  Some of them, like the Lego store and the Emporium, will take you a long time to look through, there is so much to see!

7.  Epcot’s World Showcase!  You may need your poncho to get from country to country, but each one has an indoor area to visit.  Some stores are even connected, or very close to each other, which keep you from getting wet.  Kids can have fun exploring all the different cultures and interesting things.  Parents could have fun stopping for a drink at each one!

8.  Did someone say SPA?!  A few of the Disney Resorts have wonderful spas.  If you have a free moment, and something else for your kids to do, make an appointment for a relaxing massage or facial.  We did this mid-way through one of our longer trips and it was heavenly!  What a great way to rejuvenate those tired tootsies and muscles.  Again, if it’s a rainy day, you won’t feel so bad pampering yourself.  Why not!? 😉

9.  Splitsville!  Who doesn’t love bowling?  This is a great activity, fun for the whole family, that can make you forget about the rainy day.  Head to Downtown Disney and check out Splitsville Luxury Lanes for a few friendly games of bowling together.

10.  Water park!  Hey, you know what?  It’s raining anyways, so who cares about getting wet?  Spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.  Florida rain is usually warm and humid anyways, so the wave pools and lazy rivers will feel great.  It may not even be as crowded as usual!

What does your family like to do on rainy days?

What are your family favorite photo spots?

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Tina works full time as a school counselor in an elementary school. She lives close to Baltimore, MD with her husband Dave and her 13 year old stepdaughter, Ashley. They also have a furry family member, a cat name Frodo, that keeps life interesting in their house! Tina began visiting Disney World as a child with her family, and now her, Dave & Ashley take a trip to the World every year. She considers herself a Disney “fanatic” and once her family is finished one trip, she is already planning their next one. Tina loves to find the best deals, even in the busy seasons (she can only go when schools are off!) and loves sharing those deals & tips with anyone and everyone! What Tina loves most is the magic of WDW, it makes her feel like a kid again. She hopes that every family has the opportunity go to the World and experience the magic for themselves because it has a way of reminding its visitors that dreams do indeed come true! Read more of Tina’s work on her blog A Not So Bland Life, where she writes about home decor, cooking, couponing, traveling, and and of course, Disney!

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