Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Disney World Faux Pas


Disney World is a magical place, but it is full of PEOPLE every day!  I have learned that if you are the type of person who gets annoyed by people easily, you may have a hard time enjoying yourself.  I am someone who strongly believes in considering others, so when that ethical “rule” is broken, I can get upset.  At Disney, however, I understand that there are all types of people, all ages, from all different cultures who may not have the same social ideas!  So while these faux pas annoy me, I don’t let them ruin my magical trip!  

Here are my family’s Top 10 pet peeves in the World:

1.  Look up: Do you know how many people are in the Walt Disney Resort each day?  TONS!!!  Knowing that, it’s a good idea to always look up while walking around.  Guests who look at a map or phone may accidentally walk into someone, or knock over a child, or run into something and hurt themselves!

2.  Stand to the side:  This is probably my #1 pet peeve in the World.  It’s totally fine to look at a map, or wait for family, or have a conversation about behavior with a child – but it’s best for guests to stand over to the side and not in the middle of the walkways or paths!  Not only are they in the way of thousands of people while standing there, but someone could get hurt!  The only time this is acceptable is if a guest taking a picture that warrants being in the middle (i.e. the BEST castle pics are taken in the middle of main street, this is totally ok!)

3.  No cuts:  Disney World does a really good job with line cutting.  The cast members take care of it right away when it does happen, and actually this has hardly ever happened to us on a ride at WDW.  This is usually a problem during Parades, when people just don’t realize that some have been sitting for a loooong time just get the right spot.  It also happens when lines are more “loose” like at bag check or entering the park in the morning, or in a busy store.  Guests should always follow standard rules of order, in other words, if people were there first, they go first!

4.  Be respectful: It’s ok to have fun, but be respectful!  Disney World is FUN.  It’s the best time ever!  What bothers some of us is when guests have too much fun, in a disrespectful way.  For instance, using foul language is never a good idea in WDW given how many children are around at any given time.  I totally understand that some families talk this way in front of their kids, but I wish some would understand that not all of us do!!  Even with a 15 year old, I cringe when I hear bad words when she is around!  Also along with this one, sometimes it’s perfectly ok to be loud and boisterous, but I wish more guests would “feel the atmosphere” with this one.  If it’s a quiet space or peaceful area, it may not be the best time to yell and scream and act all crazy!

5.  Don’t judge the littles:  Yes, even at Disney World children can have melt downs and fits.  WDW is magical, but the real world can catch up with us very fast.  Especially children!  Sometimes they want something they can’t have, or they are hurt or hungry, and they get upset.  It’s ok – they are kids!  Don’t judge the child or the parent if their child is having a fit, they are all doing the best they can!  Most parents will try their hardest to calm the child down or get them out of the way to a quiet area, but that doesn’t always work.  Just walk around them and get on with your magical day!

6.  Be kind to Cast Members:  These people work very hard to create the most magical place on earth for us!  They are amazing!  Sometimes, however, they can’t make something happen fast enough for someone, or they can’t fix something they have no control over, and we have to respect that.  We have seen some guests treat Cast Members like they are slaves, or like they owe it to us to meet our every demands.  Believe me, they really try, but some things are out of their hands (like broken rides, or parade/show times, or traffic patterns!)  If something doesn’t go the way you want it, the best way to deal with that is to thank them for helping and get on with the day anyways!

7.  Be careful of others in crowds: Chances are, on your vacation to Disney, there will be crowds, and chances are you will be in one on more than one occasion. Whether it’s going into a park, heading into a show, or leaving the parks at the end of the day, you will be in close personal space with many other people. Some will be small children, some will be elderly, some will have strollers, some will have scooters or wheelchairs, and some will be just hot, tired and cranky! It’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their “space”, which means that no one’s need to get somewhere fast is more important than anyone else’s. And it means that those with strollers and scooters need to keep an eye out for everyone around them while those who don’t have strollers/scooters need to watch and be respectful of those that do. Courtesy…and patience….is the key!

8.  Watch out for Photos:  I know this can be annoying, there is a family trying to get the perfect photo of the castle, or Tower of Terror, and they are standing right in the middle of the path.  It sort of goes against my 2nd item, but for this one I really think its ok.  Think about it, at some point in our trip, we ALL want these pictures.  So we ALL need to be considerate of photos being taken, so that each family has a chance at those awesome memories!  We have to be mindful that we aren’t walking across the photo or bumping into someone.  Sometimes I have realized this way too late, I try to duck and get out of the way as soon as possible, but it’s always a good idea to say sorry and maybe even offer to take the photo for them!

9.  Be adaptable:  I think it’s always a good idea to go into any vacation with an “anything can happen” sort of attitude.  This is true for Disney as well!  Sometimes rides are broken down, or closed for refurbishment.  Sometimes someone gets sick.  Sometimes plans just don’t go as scheduled.  My mom always taught me that when traveling, we should be adaptable and go with the flow.  It’s one of the best things I have ever learned!  If things don’t go our way, it just means there is an opportunity for something else really awesome to happen!  Too many times I see guests at Disney getting upset with a Cast Member, or a family member, when things don’t go as planned.  Sometimes, that has even been me! Being adaptable can really help keep the trip magical not miserable!

10.  Be ready in line:  When you are in a long line for an attraction, or at bag check, or at a store, be ready to go when it’s your turn!  It’s rough on those behind you who have also be patient and waiting to have to wait longer because you aren’t paying attention, or can’t find your credit card, or haven’t unzipped the 10 zippers on your back pack yet.  Always be prepared!

Overall, I think consideration is the main point when traveling anywhere, but especially in Disney World.  If we can, we should always be considerate of other people, because hundred of thousands of people are trying to have a magical vacation, just like us!   Just have fun and enjoy yourself, no matter what happens. 🙂

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Tina works full time as a school counselor in an elementary school. She lives close to Baltimore, MD with her husband Dave and her 13 year old stepdaughter, Ashley. They also have a furry family member, a cat name Frodo, that keeps life interesting in their house! Tina began visiting Disney World as a child with her family, and now her, Dave & Ashley take a trip to the World every year. She considers herself a Disney “fanatic” and once her family is finished one trip, she is already planning their next one. Tina loves to find the best deals, even in the busy seasons (she can only go when schools are off!) and loves sharing those deals & tips with anyone and everyone! What Tina loves most is the magic of WDW, it makes her feel like a kid again. She hopes that every family has the opportunity go to the World and experience the magic for themselves because it has a way of reminding its visitors that dreams do indeed come true! Read more of Tina’s work on her blog A Not So Bland Life, where she writes about home decor, cooking, couponing, traveling, and and of course, Disney!

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