Thrifty Thursday: Stars and Pancakes

I’ve done a lot of writing about cheaper eats at Disney World. Especially breakfast, which I love and totally swear by as a way to fuel up before a long day of Park hopping and fun times. 

About a year ago, I first explored thrifty breakfast options at the resort hotels, and then recently we re-examined a couple of breakfast options at deluxe resorts. But in doing all of that research, I missed the biggest, thriftiest breakfast option in Lake Buena Vista: the breakfast buffet at Garden Gallery in Shades of Green Resort. 

For only $10.95 per adult and $5.95 per child, you get the full Disney buffet experience, including an omelet station, home fries, waffles and more!  That is ridiculously inexpensive!! 

So, of course, there’s a catch: you have to be a member of the military (or with a member of the military) to enter the resort. There’s a guard posted at the gate and you must flash your military i.d.

But that’s hardly insurmountable! Just invite a friend. Catch up. Enjoy breakfast. It’s a small price to pay for a big, warm, delicious and, most importantly, cheap Disney breakfast!! 

What’s your favorite Disney breakfast? Let us know below! 

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Melissa Sue works in higher education communications in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband Robert, a secondary school teacher, and her cavapoo George (as in King George). Melissa began visiting Disney World when she was six and today owns a piece of the magic at Bay Lake Tower. She blogs at Mouse on the Mind and tweets @msorrellsgalley. She’ll be contributing money-saving tips to The Affordable Mouse.

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