Thrifty Thursday: Safe and SAVE Driving!

So… you have decided that you want to keep your feet and all four wheels on the ground as you go on the long-anticipated Disney vacation.  Well, there are ways to save money driving even several hundred miles!  Now, mind you I’m no mechanic or expert on cars, but I happen to be married to a car expert, so I consulted with him for these thrifty driving tips! 

Mr. H says these tips are effective no matter if you drive the big beastie SUV or the tiniest hybrid.  All of us need to stretch our gas dollars and it is never more important than when we are heading to the magical experience of Disney World!  So, ride with me as we increase our MPG and our dollars!

Give those tires some air! Fill those tires up to recommended air pressure.  When we run the tires at maximum recommended air pressure, we have less rolling resistance and better miles per gallon (MPG)!!!  Keep a tire gauge in your glove box or console and check that air pressure once a month!  Always check the pressure when tires are cold because warm tires give a higher air pressure reading which is like a false positive.  True air pressure is before you have taken left the driveway. 

Replace air filter before you leave.  Dirty air filters restrict the air flow into the engine, according to Mr. H, which costs you dollars and performance.  Your car owner manual has model specific instructions for checking the air filter, but to summarize, remove the filter and hold it up to the sunshine.  If there is not light coming through… you got a dirty filter and need to replace it.  Keeping your car’s air filter clean also gives better gas mileage – thus saving you more dollars for Disney! WOOT!

Plan to vacation in Spring or Autumn.  Mr. H says that if you go in the cooler seasons, you don’t need to run the A/C or the heater… just open the windows and enjoy the ambiance as the air changes from your normal air to Florida Disney air!  There is a difference.  Besides, not running heat or air is more fuel efficient. 

Clean out the junk!  If you are anything like us, we live and work out of our vehicles.  Well, time to clean out all that extra stuff that you don’t need to take on vacation.  If you have an extra 20 or 30 pounds of junk in your car, it weighs more!  You are already putting a couple hundred pounds of luggage and cooler in there… get the extra junk out so your car burns less fuel!  More dollars for Disney! \o/

Back off, Jack!  Driving slower is one of the easiest and best ways to save gas.  Although you think you will get there faster, your travel times won’t be much longer if you drive the speed limit as opposed to driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit.  As speed decreases, so do the fuel costs!

Park it!  Once you arrive at Disney, park your vehicle and take advantage of the Disney transportation system, especially if you are staying at a Disney resort!  You can take the monorail, the bus, or hey, you can walk!  No gas needed for any of these modes of transportation so again more dollars to spend on souvenirs in the parks! 

Make memories magical, not expensive at Disney World!

 Till Next Time,

Leigh Anne


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Leigh Anne, originally from Mississippi, lives in North Alabama with her husband and a menagerie of furry kids (FIDS), including dogs, cats, exotic birds, fish and a lionhead rabbit. Figment, her African Grey parrot, is named after Disney’s small purple dragon, Figment. She works as a motivational speaker and pastoral counselor. In 1974, Leigh Anne marched with the Enka High Marching Band in the Magic Kingdom daytime parade. Leigh Anne fell in love with Disney while on her Disney honeymoon with her husband in 2002. They have made an annual trip back to Disney to celebrate their anniversary every year since. Since they own a piece of the mouse with their Disney Vacation Club (DVC), some years they go twice! She also plans to be the grandmother that introduces all her grandchildren to Disney World first. She has a great start ~ 2 out of 3 so far! As a DVC member married to the best Disney shopper in the world, Leigh Anne has lots of experience in finding the most frugal way to have the most fun in the parks and resorts! Leigh Anne admits to being spoiled as a DVC member but is always on the lookout to keep their WDW vacations fun and frugal! She blogs at Queen of Hysteria and tweets @la_haygood

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