Thrifty Thursday: New Year’s Goal is Disney Vacation Magic!

As I have said before, I don’t like resolutions.  Resolutions are just made to be broken and leave its maker feeling defeated.  I like goals better!  Goals can be worked towards little pieces at a time… you know, that one day at a time theme works for any goal…. Even saving for your Disney vacation! 

I have discussed in a previous article the Disney piggy-bank savings plan which can be done as a family or each family member can save in their own piggy-bank for souvenirs.  Now, since I have also used my tax refund as my vacation fund in the past, let me tell you Uncle Sam doesn’t always come through with that vacation fund. So instead of not getting enough to fund the special Disney vacation this year, let’s turn our attention to saving in slower but more reliable methods so the longed-for Disney magic becomes a reality for 2015! 

Saving without missing the money is sneaky but it works!  Instead of withdrawing and depositing your vacation money manually each payday so that you see less going into your checking, set up either an automatic withdrawal from your checking into your savings the same day as your paycheck is deposited.  Or if your company (most do) has direct deposit for payroll, you can actually setup a direct deposit so that the amount you are saving for vacation each pay period is deposited into savings and never sees the checking.  Yes, there will be less direct deposited into checking but hey, it’s in the savings!  You have to make a physical decision to withdraw those dollars from savings.  Believe me that is like stealing fun from yourself… you won’t touch that savings account! 

Saving ¢¢¢  makes $$$ 

DIY!  That’s right, Do it yourself!  There are so many luxuries that are just extra expenditures, such as pedicures, lattes, and eating out, especially fast food, that can actually be eliminated or at least reduced then pay your vacation fund instead!   Over the last year, I’ve realized that by keeping food items that we consider to be fast food as a staple has saved me as much as $10 each meal, plus the gas we would have spent going to get the fast food.  My fast foods generally take less time for me to prepare than it would take to go get the meal.  Pedicures done at home save me at least $20 each time. Even if you don’t eliminate all these luxuries, just reduce them then pay your Disney vacation fund the difference.  We have easily seen just by replacing professional services with a little DIY that $100 per month is possible!  You will be amazed how fast your fund will grow! 

When was the last time you checked out your local library?  Did you realize that public libraries now have online lending services!  You can actually check out a Kindle eBook from your local library for free!  Check your local library the next time you get ready for a new eBook ~ download it for free!  If they don’t list the title you want at that time, request the title.  Likely it will be reserved for you within a week.  Then go straight to your Disney piggybank and pay the pig what you just saved by borrowing the eBook instead of buying it!   So be sure to renew your library card! 

Make your Disney memories magical, not expensive!

Till Next Time,

Leigh Anne Haygood


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Leigh Anne, originally from Mississippi, lives in North Alabama with her husband and a menagerie of furry kids (FIDS), including dogs, cats, exotic birds, fish and a lionhead rabbit. Figment, her African Grey parrot, is named after Disney’s small purple dragon, Figment. She works as a motivational speaker and pastoral counselor. In 1974, Leigh Anne marched with the Enka High Marching Band in the Magic Kingdom daytime parade. Leigh Anne fell in love with Disney while on her Disney honeymoon with her husband in 2002. They have made an annual trip back to Disney to celebrate their anniversary every year since. Since they own a piece of the mouse with their Disney Vacation Club (DVC), some years they go twice! She also plans to be the grandmother that introduces all her grandchildren to Disney World first. She has a great start ~ 2 out of 3 so far! As a DVC member married to the best Disney shopper in the world, Leigh Anne has lots of experience in finding the most frugal way to have the most fun in the parks and resorts! Leigh Anne admits to being spoiled as a DVC member but is always on the lookout to keep their WDW vacations fun and frugal! She blogs at Queen of Hysteria and tweets @la_haygood

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I’ve used soooo many different avenues to save for vacations. I’ve saved all the money from my can deposits as well as once a week my husband and I put all of our change in a jar. I do have automatic deposit from my paycheck right into a savings account. My new savings technique this year is to save my $5 bills. If I have one in my wallet, it automatically goes into my savings jar as soon as I get home. Once you get in the habit of doing something, it becomes super easy and the $$$$$ add up!!

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