Thrifty Thursday: FastPass+ Tips

Walt Disney World’s FastPass+ system is a great way to avoid standing in line at your favorite rides and so to make the most of your time in the parks. But it takes a bit of planning ahead to do so. Here are some tips for using the system.

First of all, guests can make their FastPass+ reservations before their trip – 60 days ahead for guests staying at a Disney resort, and 30 days for other guests with valid tickets. This means you should have a plan when you go to make your FastPasses. Know which park you will be visiting on each day, because you can only choose FastPasses for one park in advance. 

When you’re picking your FastPasses, be sure to also pick times when you will actually need them. You may not need a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin during the first hour of the day (though you would need it for Toy Story Midway Mania, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Frozen Ever After at any time of day). Try for mid-morning or afternoon, once lines are longer, and save the early morning for visiting rides when they have lower waits. Doing this will mean you won’t “waste” a FastPass when not needed, but will still allow you time later in the afternoon and evening to select additional FastPasses.

Speaking of additional FastPasses, once your first 3 have been used, you can then select additional ones – at ANY park – via the My Disney Experience app or any of the in-park kiosks.

Don’t worry about being locked into your FastPass choices once you’ve made them, though. As long as there is availability, you can change your FastPasses at any time. With the My Disney Experience app you can also make changes on the go – since plans can change, this helps with adapting your itinerary while you’re in the parks. 

Since you can make changes in the parks, don’t use any unneeded FastPasses! If you approach a ride to use a FastPass and realize that the wait is short, go ahead and board the ride using the standby line. You can change your FastPass later to either a different ride, or a later time so you can ride twice.

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