Thrifty Thursday: Eat This, Not That in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This week, we’re saving dollars in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The savings here aren’t as impressive as they are at the Magic Kingdom, but you can’t forget that all of your savings add up!

Chili Dog

The Expensive Version
At Fairfax Fare, you can get a specialty chili dog for $8.19. Depending on the way the wind is blowing when you visit, the dog will come with either a small bag of chips, beans or coleslaw.

The Less-Expensive Version
Near Lights, Motors, Action, you’ll find Herbie’s Drive-In, which offers a chili dog (no sides) for $5.49.

Potential Savings: $2.70

Pizza and a Salad

The Expensive Version
On Sunset Blvd., a pepperoni pizza with Caesar salad from Catalina Eddie’s will set you back $9.49, while a plain cheese pizza with the same salad is $8.99.

The Less-Expensive Version
Over at Toy Story Pizza Planet, the peperoni pizza with a mixed green salad is only $8.49. The cheese pizza and salad is $7.49. And you have the added option of a veggie pizza with salad for $8.49.

Potential Savings: $1.50

Turkey Club

The Expensive Version
At the Sci-Fi Diner, you can get a turkey club, complete with bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado mayo on multigrain bread for $12.99. It comes with cucumber salad (although you can get fries, if you ask), and it’s a great example of paying for the atmosphere.

The Less-Expensive Version
At the nearby Studios Catering Company, you can get a turkey club with swiss, roasted red peppers and arugula on multigrain ciabatta with a side of apple slices or fries for only $9.99.

The Least-Expensive Version
At Back Lot Express, you can get the exact same sandwich with fries or carrot sticks for only $8.99.

Potential Savings: $4

Angus Onion Cheddar Burger

The Expensive Version
The 1/3-pound cheddar burger, topped with onion straws, tomatoes and lettuce, will set you back $9.29 with coleslaw and fries at Rosie’s All-American.

The Less-Expensive Version
The same burger with a side of fries or carrot sticks is only $8.79 at Back Lot Express.

Potential Savings: $0.50

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Melissa Sue works in higher education communications in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband Robert, a secondary school teacher, and her cavapoo George (as in King George). Melissa began visiting Disney World when she was six and today owns a piece of the magic at Bay Lake Tower. She blogs at Mouse on the Mind and tweets @msorrellsgalley. She’ll be contributing money-saving tips to The Affordable Mouse.

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6 Responses to Thrifty Thursday: Eat This, Not That in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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  3. Bo Mullen says:

    If your prices are correct the Angus Burger is .50 cheaper at Rosies than it is at the BackLot Express, perhaps the prices need to be reversed.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the tips, Melissa! I really wish Disney would offer more sandwiches sans sides. I’ll generally order the apple slices, but I really don’t want anything more than the sandwich. I can’t believe a bag of chips or apples is almost $3. Crazy!

  5. Melissa Sue says:

    Thanks, Lindsay!! I agree–the sides are too expensive. And the apples are always either too hard or too soft. I do like it when they offer grapes as a side, though. The grapes usually aren’t terrible.

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