Thrifty Thursday: Eat This, Not That for Dessert in Downtown Disney

Today, for our last walk around Downtown Disney, we’re going in search of low cost desserts. Talk about a sweet ending! 


The Expensive Version 
At Wolfgang Puck Café, the rich, creamy cake is topped with bruleed sugar for $7.95.

The Less-Expensive Version
For a white chocolate raspberry version of the New York classic, head to Cap’n Jack’s and fork over $5.49. 

The Least-Expensive Version
At Wolfgang Puck Express, you can get a vanilla bean-flavored slice for only $5.

Potential Savings: $2.95 

Key Lime Pie

The Expensive Version 
At the T-Rex Café, your slice of Cosmic Key Lime Pie is served with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream for $7.99.

The Less-Expensive Version
For $5.99 a slice of the key lime delight is drizzled with a fresh raspberry coulis topped with fresh whipped cream at the House of Blues.

The Least-Expensive Version
Prefer a raspberry sauce? Cap’n Jack’s key lime pie is topped with it for only $5.49.

Potential Savings: $2.50

Your Chocolate Fix

The Expensive Version 
Head to Paradiso 37 for a decadent slice of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse on a bed of caramel sauce topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’ll set you back $7.99, but … yum.

The Less-Expensive Version
For $7.95, you can get a warm, molten-centered cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at Wolfgang Puck Café.

The Least-Expensive Version
In the market for a cheaper fix? Cap’n Jack’s has a double chocolate cake drizzled with caramel and raspberry sauces and vanilla ice cream. If you’re closer to House of Blues, you can get a chocolate cake with a molten center topped with a vanilla crème anglaise. Both are only $5.99.

Potential Savings: $2

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Melissa Sue works in higher education communications in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband Robert, a secondary school teacher, and her cavapoo George (as in King George). Melissa began visiting Disney World when she was six and today owns a piece of the magic at Bay Lake Tower. She blogs at Mouse on the Mind and tweets @msorrellsgalley. She’ll be contributing money-saving tips to The Affordable Mouse.

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