Thrifty Thursday: Disney Entertainment Extras

There’s no question that there is a lot to do at Walt Disney World. What many folks don’t realize though, is that there is a “world” of fun beyond the rides and attractions. There are plenty of fun entertainment extras that may seem small, but just add to the magic – and you won’t even need a FastPass! Best of all, there is no extra cost for them either, so be sure to take time to check them out to make the most of your park tickets! 

At the Animal Kingdom: Usually spotted on the path between Africa and Asia, you might do a double-take the first time you see DiVine. Moving gracefully through the foliage, DiVine can become nearly invisible when still – stay awhile and do some people-watching to see others’ reactions as they finally notice her. DiVine appears several times throughout the day – if you can’t seem to find her, ask a Cast Member.

At Hollywood Studios: If you’ve ever strolled down Hollywood Boulevard in the afternoon, you’ve probably seen the Citizens of Hollywood. This improv acting troupe is set on making old-fashioned movie magic, and you might become part of the show. These folks are a ton of fun, and their show is a great reminder of the park’s studio backlot theme.

At Epcot: It’s difficult to choose just one of the many performance acts at Epcot’s World Showcase, so I’m going to throw them all together. It’s not realistic to try and see all the street performers in World Showcase in one afternoon, but take a look at a Times Guide and see what appeals to you – try to catch at least one or two, because they’re part of the wonderful atmosphere of the pavilions. In some seasons, shows may not occur on a daily basis. Of special note, as we head towards the Holiday Season, are the “Holiday Storytellers” that will be sharing special Holiday traditions and customs from each of the World Showcase countries.

At the Magic Kingdom: Unlike the others, this extra only occurs once per day – the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show greets guests every morning about 10-15 minutes before park opening. Featuring the Citizens of Main Street, greetings from the Mayor or Fire Station Chief, and appearances by Mickey and a dozen other Disney characters, this show is always one of my must-dos. It’s the perfect start to a day at the Magic Kingdom. Arrive about 30 minutes before park opening, and don’t stand too close to the tunnels underneath the train station or you won’t be able to see the show. Keep in mind that, on Morning Extra Magic Hour days, the welcome show will be performed when the park opens to on-site guests – if you’re staying off-site, plan to catch the Welcome Show on a non-EMH day.

These are just a few favorites but there are more special shows and entertainment extras, so be sure to check your times guide or the My Disney Experience app for all the offerings and times for your trip. Enjoy!

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