Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Souvenirs and Stickers!

Our view from our Boardwalk resort room last Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Can you believe Christmas is next week?  I’m just gobsmacked!  It’s time to grab the most favorite stocking stuffers ~ Disney Stocking stuffers!  Disney stocking stuffers are not just Mickey and Minnie anymore… even though it all started with a mouse!  By the time I get to stocking stuffers, the Christmas budget is usually busted so I need great stocking stuffers for CHEAP!  Pssstttt…. These stocking stuffers will also work as great $$$-saving souvenirs if you are spending part of your Christmas holiday at Disney World! 

Frozen stuff (not in your freezer section, but from the movie, Disney’s Frozen) are hot stocking stuffers this year, in fact, Frozen-theme is so hot the Magic Kingdom castle is dressed out in a Frozen theme.  I digress….. if you are looking for great Disney gifts and wrapping, check out your local big box stores (pssttt… check them out online too –many are have guaranteed before Christmas delivery right now or store pick-up!) before you head down to the Disney store.  I was browsing this past week and the savings are awesome!  By the way, Target (no affiliation at all, just love to shop there) has those recycle shopping bags in the Frozen theme that are perfect as gift bags and the kids have a great totebag!  While you are at Target, be sure to go through the $1 -$5 section… there’s all sorts of fun goodies (Disney related as well as other fun characters) themed great stocking stuffers, such as an Elsa Art Tote, storyboard books, coloring books and those little puzzle books that are easy to slip into a totebag or backpack to entertain your Mousketeer while you are waiting in event or ride lines in the parks! 

If you are spending Christmas at Disney, you definitely want to shop for souvenirs for your little ones before you go to Disney then surprise them when you get there with a special gift from Mickey, all wrapped in Disney Christmas paper!  The big box stores have Disney Christmas stockings so you can hang your Disney stockings with care in your Disney resort room, cause Christmas must have a Disney theme when you are spending it with the mouse!  No need for nails either, cause there are Disney stocking holders that will hold your stockings without putting nails in the resort walls. I’ve seen great deals in the big box stores this year for all things Disney, not just Frozen themes.  I’ve seen princesses, Mickey and Minnie, as well as all the other great favorites!  The money you will save with this special pre-buying can go into your special piggy bank (more about this after Christmas) savings plan for your next trip to Disney World! 

DIY Disney Stickers!

If you are planning a Disney trip as the major gift from Santa, you can get a customized park map (click here) to stick in your Mouseketeer’s stocking to announce the trip.  These maps are customizable for ages preschool through adults or you can even do one that is for all ages. You can also include one park in your map or all four parks, depending on which parks you are visiting.  Another great downloadable DIY for  a quick and cheap stocking stuffer are these Disney Stickers!

You will need some printable mail labels to make the stickers but think what fun the kids can have with their own custom stickers! 

 Merry Christmas!

Make your Disney memories magical, not expensive!

See ya’ next year!

Leigh Anne 


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