Thrifty Thursday and Delectable Disney Snacks: Take My Advice, Share!

Sorry to all the guys out there but I have to confess here and now that I love watching what I call “foo foo” movies, like Legally Blonde, Confessions of a Shopaholic and the like. They are familiar and fun so I can pop them in the DVD player, turn it on and go about doing other things because I know what favorite parts to watch.

There is a line in one of them that always makes me chuckle. In The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly, the world’s worst and snootiest boss (played by Meryl Streep), sends her assistant on an impossible errand – to get a copy of an unpublished Harry Potter manuscript for her twins to read on the train to Grandma’s. Her assistant, Andy, pulls some strings to get it, then comes into Miranda’s office, puts the copy down on her desk and when Miranda sees it, she says One copy. What are my twins gonna do with that? Share?” That line always makes me laugh.

Sadly, that is exactly how my family feels about dessert. My mother baked beautiful desserts when I was growing up and she passed that love of baking onto me. I live in a family of sweet tooths and I am embarrassed to admit that I am head molar!

When we were at the Animal Kingdom recently, we decided to use our snack credits for the day at the Kusafari bakery. Aside from the fact that Kusafari is one of the very few places that serves real coffee (not Nescafe), we had been looking forward to savoring their wonderful treats for months in anticipation of our trip. When we got to the counter, four of us ordered the Zebra cupcakes and one ordered the White Chocolate Elephant cupcake (pictured below). We were reeling with anticipation for a bite of one of these delectable delights and we were really hungry by that time, having had a large breakfast but no lunch.

A quick description will give you a general idea about the sweet goodness of these tantalizing treasures. The Zebra Cupcake is moist yellow cake topped with mounds of super rich and creamy buttercream icing. It has homemade white and dark chocolate shavings all over the top and is delightful. The White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake is rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and then topped with a light buttercream frosting and toasted coconut.

After I took these pictures, we all took bites of our treasures and commented on how yummy, moist and rich they all tasted. We were almost singing with enjoyment. After our third bite, we were giving each other that “how-am-I-ever-going-to-finish-this look.” We ate all we could, as we did not want to waste any of it and, once we threw away the rest, we all agreed that we indeed should have shared.

Trust me, if you get one of these scrumptious creations, plan to cut it into fourths. Taking my advice will do three good things for you: it will save you from sugar shock, give you some snack credits to use on other great treats, and save you from the guilt of throwing away a portion of such a wonderful treat.

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