The Value of a Disney Cruise Vacation

A lot of folks ask me why they should choose a Disney Cruise vacation, and without hesitation, my answer is always this: because in my opinion, Disney Cruise Line is a tremendous Disney vacation value.

And I say this with all sincerity, because while a Disney cruise is not “cheap” in the “doesn’t cost a lot” sense of the word, there is a lot to be said for the value of what you pay for. And here, Disney is a huge winner.

I have cruised with Disney twice before….and am a HUGE Disney Cruise Line fan…..and so I would like to share with you today a few of the reasons that a Disney cruise is a great way to spend your vacation dollars.

An All Inclusive Vacation

Pretty much everything is included in the cost of your cruise. And by everything, I mean food, non-alcoholic drinks, entertainment, and activities. But let me elaborate a bit, since the previous sentence does not really fully convey what you get for your money:

  • Food….truly all you can possibly eat…and then some. Not only 3 meals per day, but extra buffets (midnight dessert buffet anyone?), snacks, ice cream, the food is everywhere…and more plentiful than you can possibly imagine. One of the things that I especially loved was the opportunity to try “new foods”, which was great with our young teen the first time we cruised. We could encourage her to try new foods (like escargot!) without fear that, if she hated it, she would go hungry or we would have to pay for another meal. Here, she was free to try new things, and if she didn’t like them, no worries, our server just brought out another meal! In fact our server (who is with you each night of the cruise….so he/she gets to know you quite well by the last night!) often just took it upon himself to bring her new things to try! What a great culinary experience….and at no extra cost.
  • Entertainment….it’s Disney for crying out loud. Do you even have to ask? The shows are amazing, exceptional, and fun for all. From Broadway-worthy productions, to fun age-appropriate entertainment in the adult areas as well as kid and teen areas, there are always fun things to see and do. Why there’s even a huge movie theater that shows (of course) Disney movies all day long. In fact, should a Disney movie be scheduled to premiere on land while you are on your cruise, well no worries, because it will premiere at the same time on your ship. We saw the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean while on the high seas….and let me say, Disney knows how to do a movie premiere! 🙂 And no extra cost for any of them.
  • Activities….there is really, truly, something for everyone on a Disney cruise. Special kids areas, teen hang outs and activities, and adults only places mean that the entire family will have things to do as much….or as little…as they want. And honestly, there are SO many things to do that you really can’t do it all! Each day a Navigator is delivered to your stateroom that shares all that is planned for the day….and there is always a LOT planned for the day!! And the vast majority of activities have no additional charge.

Surrounded by the Magic

A lot is made, when talking about Walt Disney World, about the “magic” of staying on Disney property. Well on a Disney cruise, think Disney “magic” on steroids. Those special Disney touches and details are everywhere. The ships are beyond lovely…they are breathtaking. And that legendary Disney customer service that we all love? Well every Disney Cast Member on a Disney cruise, from the captain, to the cruise director, to your dining server, to the folks in “mousekeeping” who turn down your bed every night…provide each and every guest on board with a truly magical experience. Whether you are staying in the largest stateroom with suites and verandahs, or the smallest interior stateroom…everyone is treated with the same Disney service and respect. You feel pampered….and let me just say that coming back to reality afterwards is pretty darn rough! 🙂

And of course, Disney characters are everywhere! With scheduled appearances, deck parties, live shows, and even on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, if you want to see a character (or two, or twelve), I can promise you, you will!!

The Disney Difference

So perhaps you have cruised before on other cruise lines, and are wondering: what makes Disney Cruise Line so different, so special? Here are just a few of those “Disney differences” that provide an especially unique experience:

  • Disney staterooms are among the most spacious on any cruise ship, and are designed specifically for families. With a split bath that makes sharing the bath among multiple people so much easier, to lots of extra storage, to the fun and exciting “magic porthole” on the interior staterooms of the Dream and Fantasy, you won’t find staterooms like this on any other cruise line.
  • Three unique restaurant “experiences” that offer special rotational dining, so that, as already mentioned, your servers rotate with you each evening. It’s not just great food….you can get that anywhere. But the “story” that goes with each restaurant, and the relationship that you develop with a server that learns pretty quickly that you drink tea, thank you, not coffee….well that’s of course, that Disney difference again!
  • Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, where all Caribbean and Bahamian cruises stop…..sigh…..words honestly don’t do this place justice. I can try, by telling you that there is a family beach, a teen beach, and a secluded adults only beach (complete with cabanas where you can get a massage while there….which is, admittedly, an additional cost 🙂  ). I can point out that the food here is just as delicious as onboard. I can mention that there are special activities for all ages, just like onboard, so again there is truly something for everyone…..Or I can just share a few pictures of this special Paradise that probably tell it better than my words do…. 🙂

 So is a Disney Cruise worth the cost? From the person who founded The Affordable Mouse, and who is all about saving money, finding value, and getting the most for every dollar you spend on your Disney vacation…………………………..You betcha! 🙂

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