Terrific Tuesdays: Top Ten Most Fun Things at Disney World – Number 9: Toy Story Mania

As a refresher I will remind you that number 10 on my kids top 10 most fun things to do at Disney was staying at the Port Orleans -French Quarter Resort.  This week I bring you number 9- riding Toy Story Midway Mania. 

This attraction is located in Pixar Place of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The ride is so popular with kids and adults that it usually runs out of fast passes early in the day, at least by noon!  Now, my family isn’t one that just has to be at the park for rope drop, though I understand we are really missing out.  However, for this ride it may actually be necessary, unless you are lucky.

We had never been lucky enough in the past, to make it in time to experience this awesome attraction.  On our last trip, it was a slow going, relaxing morning like any other.  We didn’t even get to the busses until 10 AM!  As we were waiting to board, several folks exiting the busses were telling us how horrible Hollywood Studios was that morning.  They stated that many rides were broken down or not even running that morning.  We had almost changed our minds about the Disney Park we were going to until… a sweet family walked up to us and offered us their Fastpasses to Toy Story Midway Mania!!!  Since we had been denied this experience for two years running, it was totally worth it to us to visit the park if for no other reason that to see what all the hype was about.   The kids were giddy the whole bus ride and kept asking the age old question, “‘ Are we there yet?'” at every stop. 

Once we arrived at the park we headed straight for Pixar Place.  We did stop for a quick minute for a photo op and autograph with a Green Army Man.   The kids wanted their picture made at every stop along the queue.  These beyond life size replicas of toys were even amazing to me.  They brought back fond memories of my childhood with toys that I used to play with.   Maybe this is what draws in the adults!  There is everything from the Viewmaster, Tinker-Toys, and wooden blocks to Lincoln Logs, Barrels of Monkeys and the classic board game Chutes and Ladders!  My daughter’s favorite part of the queue was the interactive Mr. Potato Head.  “‘He tells funny jokes, ‘” she says. 

Once you board your vehicle and don your way cool 3-d glasses, the games begin!  Each person in the 2 seater has his/her own shooter.  Your ammunition is different for each game, from ring toss to darts, just like at a carnival midway.  Individuals try to see who can rack up the most points by the end of the ride.  There are even some of the games that have a 4-D  effect…but I won’t spoil that for you!

My son’s favorite part of the ride was seeing that his points were higher than his sister’s at the end of the ride.  Of course, what brother wouldn’t say that?  Even though this article is supposed to be about my kids’ opinions of the top 10 most fun things to do at Disney and their view of the ride, I  must admit that this attraction brought back fun and fond memories to me. As an old lady I guess I would have ranked it a tad bit higher than number 9!

Stay tuned for number 8 on my kids list of the top 10 most fun things to do at Walt Disney World Resort!

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Shannan is a mom that was born and raised in rural Tennessee. She tells us: “I live with my husband and 3 of our 5 children. Travis is 24 and is father to my grandbabies, Emma and baby Judson. I can’t wait to start sharing Disney with them. Dusty is 22, Clay 12, Zachary 10 and Erin is 8. I clean houses to make money to fund my magical trips. I went to Disney the first time as a teen and couldn’t wait to start introducing my own children to the magic. We took our 3 youngest in 2004 and that started it all. We have been 3 times since then and have our first Christmas trip planned for this December. Usually my parents accompany us on the trip and I have to research and plan for things that will suit various ages in our party of 7. Each time I go, I try new experiences in lodging and dining so I can share it with friends and family that seek my advice on trip planning! Disney is definitely my first choice in vacation destinations. Hopefully there is a Disney surf and turf vacation in our future!“

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