Terrific Tuesdays: Top Ten Most Fun Things at Disney World – Number 1!

Drum roll please…….. Well my kids decided that I should write about each of their own Number Ones on the top ten most fun things to do at Walt Disney World.  First I will give you a reminder of where we stand:

10. Port Orleans French Quarter

9. Toy Story Midway Mania

8. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

7. Kali River Rapids

6. Meeting Characters

5. Biergarten

4. Test Track

3. Soarin’

2. Splash Mountain 

So now on to each child’s personal number one. 

 First up is Clay, age 12.  He chose Living With the Land.  I wasn’t at all surprised with his answer, after all Clay bought his first set of chickens with his birthday money when he was 8 years old.  We now have 20 hens that he raises and sells the eggs.  He also has a goat named Posie and raises his ver own garden with composted soil every year.  Living With the Land is located in The Land Pavilion in the Future World of Epcot.  This is the same pavilion that houses Soarin’ (number 3), The Garden Grill Restaurant, and Sunshine Seasons Food Court.  This attraction features a leisurely boat ride that explores the agriculture of different areas.  You will sail through different “labs” that test various climate conditions and other ways to grow plants and animals.  There is a special greenhouse where they grow  the produce that is used at the restaurants in Epcot.  You will also be shown an area called the Aquacell that houses fish and alligators and shows how water animals can help aerolate plants grown in water.  This is called hydroponics.  Clay has been showing interest in this type of growing for a few years.  Each area of the boat path concentrates on different growing environments and how they affect the plants.  There are so many beautiful plants and flowers to be seen through out the tour.  My favorite are the Mickey shaped pumpkins.  Be sure to check out this off the beaten path attraction for a behind the scenes look at some of the magic.

Next up is Zachary, 11.  His favorite attraction at Walt Disney World is One Man’s Dream.  It is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM, on Mickey Avenue.  Zachary is a very artsy child.  He loves reading any book that he can get his hands on, he has been in seven plays at our local arts theater, he has taken tap lessons.  Zachary loves trivia too!  He is always eager to learn something new.  The attractions lets you catch a glimpse of never before seen memorabilia from Walt Disney and his productions.  It teaches you more about his life history. You can even hear interviews and see artifacts that actually belonged to Walt.  There is a short film at the beginning of the attraction that shars with you Walt’s many accomplishments.  This is not a major attraction or a huge thrill ride but it is a must do attraction.  If it wasn’t for Walt, none of that other stuff would even be available for us to enjoy.  Give him at least 15 minutes of your time and thank him for living out his dreams.


 Last but not least is sweet little Erin, 9.  Her “very favorite, most funnest” thing to do at Walt Disney World is to ride Expedition Everest.  Don’t ask me why.  I have never ridden it and don’t intend to.  This attraction is located in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom.  It is one of the major thrill rides at this park, so it is reccomended to use the FastPass option, you are more than welcome to have mine.  Erin would ride this ride over and over again if I would let her.  Everest is a rollar coaster ride through the Himalayan Mountains.  Riders/explorers will come face to face with the much feared Yeti.  There are broken tracks, you go backwards at high speeds, encounter twists and turns- I just don’t see the excitement in it!  All Erin can say is, “‘It’s awesome'”.   I will also throw in a little note that a friend of mine from high school, Todd Camill, worked as an Imagineer helping to build this attraction.

Well, there ya have it, My kids; Clay, Zachary and Erin’s, top ten list of the most fun things to do at Walt Disney World.  What’s on your list?  Do you agree with my kiddos?  Let us know and thanks for following The Affordable Mouse!

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Shannan is a mom that was born and raised in rural Tennessee. She tells us: “I live with my husband and 3 of our 5 children. Travis is 24 and is father to my grandbabies, Emma and baby Judson. I can’t wait to start sharing Disney with them. Dusty is 22, Clay 12, Zachary 10 and Erin is 8. I clean houses to make money to fund my magical trips. I went to Disney the first time as a teen and couldn’t wait to start introducing my own children to the magic. We took our 3 youngest in 2004 and that started it all. We have been 3 times since then and have our first Christmas trip planned for this December. Usually my parents accompany us on the trip and I have to research and plan for things that will suit various ages in our party of 7. Each time I go, I try new experiences in lodging and dining so I can share it with friends and family that seek my advice on trip planning! Disney is definitely my first choice in vacation destinations. Hopefully there is a Disney surf and turf vacation in our future!“

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