Terrific Tuesdays: The Disney Visa Card Lounge

The American Pavilion

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If you use a Disney Visa card when visiting the Walt Disney World parks, you may already be aware of the perks you get with this card. During the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival they offer another perk you may not be aware of.

At the American Adventure Pavilion there is a door you probably haven’t noticed. You can only enter this door when you show the attending cast member your Disney Visa card. The elevator inside this door takes you to a lounge on the third floor.

If you have a Disney Visa I suggest you check out this lounge. There are unlimited complimentary soft drinks available. Free beverages is something you don’t usually find too often at Walt Disney World. There is also beer and wine available for purchase. If anyone in your party needs to rest, there is a place to do that as well. There are many comfortable chairs located throughout the room. If your phone battery is getting a little low, you can charge it here if you have your power cord with you. Restrooms are also made available in the lounge area.

The Disney Visa Card offers many perks and this is a fantastic one that I would not miss out on. The only catch is that it is available just during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. If you are visiting Walt Disney World before November 16, 2015, I would highly recommend a stop here during your day at Epcot.

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