Terrific Tuesdays: The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World

A nostalgic, Atlantic City type resort that is truly beautiful!

Let’s face it a Disney vacation can be anything but relaxing.  Take a look at the last three years of my (week long) trips.  Between the three trips there were eighteen nights spent on property, and we entered the parks 20 days.  This means we entered the parks on the days we arrived and the days we were checking out.  Last year we we finally worked a day into our plans that included a “day off,” where we committed to not going into a park…however since my parents were traveling with us one evening they kept the kids so we could have a “Disney Date Night” and the hubs and I ended up going over to watch Illuminations and getting a treat after our dinner.  

Just looking at my experience in the last three years for our longer stays on property you can see that the park time is what most people go for.  My family and I never get sick of it, we love the experiences, attractions, the scents, and sights, the people and Cast Members, and most of all, the magic.  However, we have begun to experience a few things that we normally wouldn’t have with coming from out of town/state.  I am talking about some of the fun to be had at the resorts: if you have never visited the resorts or resorts you are not staying at then you are missing out.  We heard that the Boardwalk was fun so we decided to check it out one evening a few weeks ago after spending all day in the Magic Kingdom. 

If you have your own car you can drive right to the resort of your choice and inform the gate manager that you want to look around, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, or a dessert.  Disney welcomes you to look around.  Upon entering the property for The Boardwalk Resort the parking attendant asked if we were checking in, we told him we wanted to have dinner and walk around the Boardwalk and he said “have a fabulous evening.”  We chose to have a pizza and sit outside on the Boardwalk itself and people watch.

As if walking around the parks wasn't enough exercise we decided to pedal the whole family around the pond.

When we were done we decided to rent a bike.  It’s a bike built for four people to pedal and can hold two small children upfront to enjoy the ride.  We put our 4 1/2 year old up front (our 7 year old daughter, who is pretty small for her age rode up front for half the way).  It took just about all the strength my husband, thirteen-year-old son, and I had to pedal around the lake between The Boardwalk and the Yacht & Beach Club 3 times.  It was such a fun time!  We laughed almost the whole time, which probably made it harder on us.  They are priced by the 1/2 hour and you pay when you return, and I assure you 1/2 hour was plenty!!!

When we finished riding we saw a guy coming out with a sign that said Magic Show.  So we walked down the Boardwalk and watched the Magic Show.  It was very fun and entertaining with lots of crowd involvement.  

The girl you see just to the right of the picture was asked to throw the bowling pins to the juggler. It was fun to watch!

There are also several carnival type games along the Boardwalk including the old “pop o shot” with basketball, a “whack o’ mole” type game, and a few others.  It was really fun and the kids had just as much fun hanging out at The Boardwalk as we do hanging in the parks for the evening.  

Our Lucas (4yo) was asked to help out with some balancing...

So if you are burnt out on the parks and rides, just want to relax for the evening, or just looking for something new and different to do on Disney property check out The Boardwalk. It has many neat, small attractions for people of all ages. There is opportunity to sit, relax, play games, have drinks and food, and watch entertainment.

Until Next Time, Abbie

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Abbie shares with us: “I am a wife and mother of 3. My parents first introduced me to the Magic of Disney World when I was 5 years old. However it wasn’t until my second trip as a teenager that the magic actually infused into me. I started eating, sleeping, and thinking Disney all the time. I even made a small Mickey head as the dot on my “i” in my first name and it then became part of my signature. I now have 3 children of my own and had the pleasure of introducing them, along with my husband, to the magical world of Disney a few years ago and they have all fallen in love with the magic that is Walt Disney World as I did. We just were transferred to Tampa, Florida with my husband’s job and my dream of living near the Mouse has come true. We will be taking our first Florida resident vacation in September and are excited to say that we are upgrading our tickets to Passholders. We are excited to see what adventures and new things we can learn about the Wonderful World of Disney!”

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