Terrific Tuesdays: Soarin’

Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane. NO! It’s me, soaring high in the skies on Epcot’s Soarin’!

This is one of the most popular rides at Epcot, right along with Test Track.  Soarin’ is located in the Land Pavilion of Future World.  This attraction opened in 2001 and has been a major attraction ever since.  During busy days, if you don’t have a FastPass+, the wait can be an hour or longer.

Soarin’ is a peaceful, hang-glide over beautiful California landmarks.  The queue is set to resemble an airport terminal, where you will watch a debriefing video before you are seated in your glider.  When you are seated, PLEASE, make sure all loose belongings are in the basket below your seat, that wind can get rough that high in the sky and you wouldn’t want to lose anything.  Also, be mindful of flip-flops!  After you are safely fastened in, just sit back and enjoy the glide.  Though your chair is only lifted about 40 feet in the air, it seems as though you are miles high in the sky. 

The theater is an IMAX screen that wraps 180 degrees around you, so you can experience the full panoramic effect.  On your five minute tour of the California landmarks you will soar over the Golden Gate Bridge, Lake Tahoe, Malibu and beautiful Napa Valley.  You will think your toes are going to splash in the water above surfers, you will fly with a hot air balloon group and even  see a PGA golf tournament a little closer than you might expect.  Try not to flinch, as you may miss an opportunity to see a Hidden Mickey!   There is also a special surprise at the end, as night falls on the Disneyland Castle.  This attraction plays on more of your senses than just sight, as you feel the breezes blowing in your hair and smell the fresh pine scent of the evergreen forest. 

Now, I must admit, though I have ridden this ride many times, I only do so for my kids.  I am so scared of heights that I keep my eyes closed and my hands tight around the grip bar  most of the time.  I am a wimp, I know.  My kids remind me each time we are on it.  There are height restrictions, so be sure to check that for small children.  So, just because you are afraid of heights, doesn’t mean to avoid this ride.  There are many points in the “movie” that are amazing views and it is a quiet peaceful trip.

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