Terrific Tuesdays: Off To Neverland!

What little girl doesn’t want to be Tinkerbell?  And what little boy wouldn’t want to crow like a rooster?  And what parent doesn’t really, in their deepest imagination, want to be a pirate?  Peter Pan’s Flight is the attraction that will make the whole family’s fantasies come true! 

The ride starts as you climb aboard your own sailing ship.  The ship is suspended on an upper track, but you don’t know that.  It looks like you’re on a bottom track, and then, suddenly, the bottom track is gone, and you’re flying!  You feel as though you’ve been sprinkled with your own dose of fairy dust!  Flying up up and away, you fly through the city of London at night, as well as through various scenes from the animated film, including the children’s bedroom, the mermaids sunning themselves, and finally the confrontation with Captain Hook! 

The ride has forced perspective, so you feel as though you’re miles above, but really you’re only a few feet off the ground.  You also feel like part of the original magic when you realize that Peter Pan’s flight was one of the original rides when Disneyland opened in 1955.  You can also find this ride at four of the Disney parks – Disneyland in California, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Park Paris.  Make sure to schedule a FastPass if this ride is on your must-do list (and it should be), as wait times easily exceed an hour, almost always.  Or add this to your list for Extra Magic Hours. 

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Nicole is a more recent convert to Disney, and has her husband Corey to thank. As a kid, she went a couple of times and had fun, but didn’t really catch the “Disney bug” until her husband finally convinced her to go in March of 2003. Since then, she goes every opportunity she can, and every time finds something new to explore! She’s a proud Disney Vacation Club owner and mother of two Disneyphiles – ages 5 (Maggie) and 2 (Max). She helps friends and family to plan Disney vacations all year round, and when she can’t be at Disney, she surrounds herself with it. Her house and office have plenty of pictures and souvenirs covering them, so she’s never far away from the magic!

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