Terrific Tuesdays: Mission Space

We spent the last week in Disney World for our family vacation. This year was more special than ever before because we had nana and papaw traveling with us. We tried new places to eat, new attractions, and visited a couple new resorts. One of the new attractions Ethan and I tried was Mission Space in Future World at Epcot. It was amazing and intense!

When we entered the attraction we were asked “orange” or “green?” Orange being the “more intense side” and green being the “less intense side.” Ethan and I had been reading and researching on this attraction for several months and knew we just had to try the intense side to see what all the fuss was about. The card we were handed had more warnings on it than most medication bottles. We barely read over it and, instead, took in all our surroundings. We entered the building and felt like we had entered NASA’s world. Everything space surrounded us. There was a timeline on the wall made with pictures of astronauts and information about their missions, including a picture of Neal Armstrong and his team that walked on the moon for the first time in July 1969. They even had a picture from the future, 2030, indicating that they expect to be able to vacation on a spaceship to outer space. It was neat to chat about what a vacation to outer space would be like while we waited.

Once back to the actual attraction the cast member counted a group off and we entered a small room. We all had numbers to stand on and a screen lit up, actor Gary Sinise gave us more warnings and information about the attraction. We, once again, were warned that we had selected the “more intense” version of the ride and that if we felt like we could not handle it we could inform a cast member and they would make sure we arrived at the exit to the ride to wait for our party or be escorted to the “green” side to experience the less intense side of the attraction.

We then entered a hallway and walked down to stand on more numbers in front of another screen. At this time Gary Sinise informed us about our Mission to Mars, what we were to do when we entered our Spaceship, and each of our jobs involved in the mission. There were four of us standing on numbers outside of the door. We were each given a “job,” I was the engineer, Ethan the commander, the guy that we were seated with was our pilot, and his girlfriend was the navigator. We were instructed that when the lights in our capsule light up we are to push them. We were warned that it is pertinent for the mission to go smoothly that we do not miss a cue or our trip might be interrupted. We boarded what is supposed to be the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle and put our belongings in the cage type cell underneath our screen and buttons. We strapped ourselves in and they closed the doors. The screen came forward and you could no longer see the others sitting directly next to you. If you are, in any way, claustrophobic this ride is definitely not for you.

The “seats” we were in leaned back and the screen showed the gorgeous blue sky with the launch ready to go. Mission Control told us that we were ready for launch and they began a count down. When we arrived at “…1…blast off…” we were “propelled” into the air with an intense feeling of pressure on our chest. I could somewhat tell that we were spinning; however it truly felt as if we were lifting off the ground. We entered space and, of course, in true Disney fashion encountered a problem. We recovered and safely landed on Mars, the red planet. The graphics were extremely realistic… well realistic to someone who has never traveled to space, but only imagined it.

Ethan and I both agreed it was an “awesome ride” however we are not sure it will be on our list to visit each time we are at Epcot. It is a crazy, intense feeling and I’m not sure we could do it more than one time in a day, let alone more than one time in a trip. If you have tried this ride please leave your comments below as to your thoughts! I’d love to see what others have thought of this attraction! Is it a “must-do” on your list of attractions?

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Abbie shares with us: “I am a wife and mother of 3. My parents first introduced me to the Magic of Disney World when I was 5 years old. However it wasn’t until my second trip as a teenager that the magic actually infused into me. I started eating, sleeping, and thinking Disney all the time. I even made a small Mickey head as the dot on my “i” in my first name and it then became part of my signature. I now have 3 children of my own and had the pleasure of introducing them, along with my husband, to the magical world of Disney a few years ago and they have all fallen in love with the magic that is Walt Disney World as I did. We just were transferred to Tampa, Florida with my husband’s job and my dream of living near the Mouse has come true. We will be taking our first Florida resident vacation in September and are excited to say that we are upgrading our tickets to Passholder’s. We are excited to see what adventures and new things we can learn about the Wonderful World of Disney!”

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