Terrific Tuesdays: Lights, Motor, Action!

Whether it’s blazing hot or cool, completely enjoyable weather, your feet can always use a break while visiting Disney World.  One of the shows that we most enjoy is at Hollywood Studios: Lights, Motor, Action! is all the way in the back so sometimes it can get overlooked, however it is a must see for my kiddos so we do it often.  

Lights, Motor, Action is only shown a few times a day so be sure to make a note of the showtime you want to attend.  With the new Fastpass + you may even be able to get special seating or a “reserved” spot at the show, I know some of the other shows are available now for Fastpass+.  The show is about 40 minutes in length and you sit on bleachers, in the shade!  Yep, you read that correctly!  The shade, and you can take drinks in the stands with you!  We have consumed several beverages in the shade while resting our toes and watching a very interesting, action-filled show.  Please note, I have noticed that during inclement weather they will put up cancellation notices, so if you are visiting in our hot summer months make sure you remember we usually get thunderstorms at some point in mid-afternoon and this may affect your showtime.

The show originated in Disneyland Paris and became such a huge hit they opened the show in Disney World’s Hollywood Studio’s in May 2005.  The stunt show features a stage set up like a movie set in a village in France.  The action-packed show features pyrotechnics, car chases, a jet ski chase, and stunts performed by the actors themselves.  The crew takes you through a series of shots they are filming for a movie.  They explain how different stunts and car chases are performed and the magic behind them.  All the while filming each scene to put together at the end of the show to show the audience.  The cars can be loud and there is a “shooting” scene that goes on where the actors shoot blanks so it gets pretty loud.  We took our kids for the first time when our youngest was almost two and it didn’t seem to bother him.  

There is an intermission during the show where the crew gets ready for the big finale shot.  This last time we attended the show during the intermission there was a special appearance by the most famous Lightening McQueen!  Yep, our four year old was in absolute heaven!  Honestly, it was really neat to see as an adult as well.  The car looks exactly like The Lightening McQueen and talks to the audience while he drives around the set.  The kids in the audience were so excited and it just gave me that same feeling  I got the first time my husband and I took our children through the gates at Magic Kingdom and walk down Main Street.  

As I said, this is a must see for my family, if you haven’t attended this show yet please make a plan to stop by next time you find yourself in Hollywood Studios.   

Until Next Time, Abbie

NOTE: I’m sorry I do not have a picture of Lightening McQueen, as soon as he came out we changed our camera over to record so we could have video for our son to watch.  🙂  

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Abbie shares with us: “I am a wife and mother of 3. My parents first introduced me to the Magic of Disney World when I was 5 years old. However it wasn’t until my second trip as a teenager that the magic actually infused into me. I started eating, sleeping, and thinking Disney all the time. I even made a small Mickey head as the dot on my “i” in my first name and it then became part of my signature. I now have 3 children of my own and had the pleasure of introducing them, along with my husband, to the magical world of Disney a few years ago and they have all fallen in love with the magic that is Walt Disney World as I did. We just were transferred to Tampa, Florida with my husband’s job and my dream of living near the Mouse has come true. We will be taking our first Florida resident vacation in September and are excited to say that we are upgrading our tickets to Passholders. We are excited to see what adventures and new things we can learn about the Wonderful World of Disney!”

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