Terrific Tuesdays: Liberty Square at Walt Disney World

Liberty Square

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Walt Disney always paid attention to detail in everything that he did. Even though he never stepped foot into the completed Magic Kingdom, his desire for authenticity was carried on. One of my favorite lands that exhibits this is Liberty Square.

If you need to take a restroom break be sure to do this prior to entering Liberty Square. Since there were no indoor restrooms during this time period, you will not find them in this land. There are restrooms located on the left side of Columbia Harbor House. They are technically located in Fantasyland, but available quite close to Liberty Square.

On the ground there is a brown stream running thru the middle of the path way. Again, this is more attention to detail. In colonial times people tossed personal waste from their windows to the ground below. Running down the street was a stream of personal waste. Thank goodness the imagineers used brown pavement to replicate this!

As you look around Liberty Square you will notice the two digit addresses above the doors. With an 18 in front of these addresses, that represents the year that style of house was popular. One of the buildings that doesn’t follow suit the Hall of Presidents. That has an address of 1787. That is the year the US Constitution was ratified.

While looking toward the top of the buildings take note of the window shutters. They are hung crooked as part of attention to detail. During the Revolutionary War metal was a hot commodity needed for making bullets. Colonists removed the metal hinges from imported shutters and replaced them with leather straps. Over time the leather stretched and the shutters began to droop.

Liberty Square Tree is the centerpiece of Liberty Square. If you count the lanterns hanging from the braches you will notice the number is significant to the United States. Each lantern represents one of the original colonies.

Remember hearing , “One if by land, two if by sea”?  That was to let Paul Revere and fellow patriots know how the British troops were advancing. There are two lanterns in the window above the door marked with a 26. This is to signify the troops were coming by sea. In order to understand the significance of this number you must place a 17 before the 26. April of that year was when Paul Revere made his famous ride.

Whether or not history is your thing, it is impressive that the details of this time period were carefully deliberated over. Next time you explore Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom you may find yourself equally impressed with the details and accuracy of how life was during colonial times.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Revere made his ride in 1776, not 1726. Maybe a typo?

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