Terrific Tuesdays: Enjoy New Year’s at Magic Kingdom

12237980_10153471388669821_9155390923609282727_oYou’ve planned to spend the holidays at Walt Disney World. It just so happens that the busiest days at Magic Kingdom are during the holidays. Disney is quite aware of this however, and so they do something that in my opinion is pure genius to help with the crowds on New Year’s Eve.

At 11:45 pm on December 30, (that’s the time it has been in the past) the New Year’s fireworks show begins at Magic Kingdom. They do the complete countdown with the most amazing 360 degree firework show I have ever seen at Walt Disney World. It is simply 24 hours in advance.

In the past I have been fortunate enough to see the New Year’s  firework show at Magic Kingdom the night before, and the New Year’s Illuminations at Epcot on New Year’s Eve. I have seen fireworks at Walt Disney World hundreds if not thousands of times. Those are the two most spectacular fireworks shows I have ever seen.

If you can I suggest planning to see the show on the eve of New Year’s Eve. However if your Magic Kingdom day is planned for New Year’s eve, pack your patience, stake out your spot early, and enjoy the show! 

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Denise has loved Disney as far back as she can remember. She has two teenage girls who were raised with Disney. Their rooms were decorated, and their closets were filled with Disney articles. Denise’s house now has Disney on every wall. Her wardrobe is made up mostly of Disney clothes. She feels that being surrounded by Disney keeps the memories and magic alive! Her friends affectionately call her “the crazy Disney lady”. Denise was born and raised in Oregon. Currently she lives in both Oregon and Florida splitting her time between both parts of the country. She lives with her youngest daughter (15) and her roommate. Her daughter goes to high school In Oregon. Denise and her roommate sneak away to Florida several times a year, as often as possible. Her daughter tags along when she can, without missing too much school. Her oldest daughter (20) doesn’t make it to Florida much anymore, but hopes to again very soon. Denise’s first trip to Walt Disney World was for her birthday in 2009. She fell more in love with the magic of Disney that day! Ever since then, Denise and her kids have been annual passholders. Last spring she upgraded to a premier pass to include Disneyland. Over spring break her youngest daughter had the pleasure of her first visit to Disneyland. With Denise helping them plan, her brother and his family enjoyed their first family trip to Disneyland at that same time. Denise is looking forward to helping you with money saving tips as well as sharing the excitement and magic of Disney!

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