Terrific Tuesday: Future World Attractions


As you walk through the gates of Epcot, you enter the Future World.  The first attraction encountered is the giant sphere that houses Spaceship Earth.  Here you’ll take a ride through the centuries and learn about the history of communication.  You will also create your own future with the touch screen computer located in your “car”.  Following the ride, there is an interactive post show where visitors can play virtual reality games and even send your trip to the future via email post card home to friends and family. 

Innoventions is divided into 2 sections, east and west. Both house hands on type exhibits for kids and adults, including making your own video game and riding a Segway.  The Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure is a show starring Ellen DeGeneres that teaches us about energy, how to generate it and use it properly.

Mission Space is a major attraction in the Future World and FastPasses are recommended here.  This ride takes you on a  journey in a motion censor fashion.  It is divided into 2 different missions, one more thrilling than the other.  Once was enough for me. The ride simulates what members of NASA training camps have to endure in space.

Test Track is my all time favorite Disney attraction.  At the present time it is being refurbished for a state of the art queue.  This is a ride that takes passengers through various test for automobiles that they must pass before hitting the open road.  Once your vehicle is considered safe, your car hits the open air track for some high speed thrills.

In the Imagination Pavilion, you will find several different attractions.  Journey Into Imagination with Figment is an attraction especially fun for the little ones. Mischievous Figment takes you on a whirlwind trip through the imaginations using your senses.  After the ride, be sure to check out Imageworks, another interactive post show where you can conduct an orchestra, try out digital camera and even make dragons sing! Captain EO has recently been reopened since Michael Jackson’s Death.  This 3D film takes you on a magical space journey.  Some of the effects may be scary for young viewers. The Land Pavilion provides several attractions.  Soarin’ takes you on a hang glider ride over the state of California using panoramic, simulator, 3d sensing technology.  Living with the Land is a short boat ride that shows how people throughout history have used the land to prosper.  You’ll even sail through Disney’s own greenhouse where they raise many of the plants that are used as food in Epcot restaurants.  Circle of Life- An Environmental Fable is a short film starring the Lion King crew teaching how some of our daily activities can be harmful to nature.

Seas with Nemo and friends is a huge aquarium  that offers Turtle Talk with Crush, an interactive experience with Crush from the Movie and The Seas with Nemo and friends ride. 

The World Showcase is an educational experience with loads of fun but don’t forget to head off into the future as well.

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