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Disney with Special Needs: FastPass Killed the Spontaneity Star?

There are some people who are meticulous Disney planners and like to know all of the details about everything. That’s me. I plan planning. And so I love FastPasses.

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Wordless Wednesday: Disney Springs

One of the nicest things about the recent transformation of Downtown Disney to become Disney Springs, was the addition of the "springs".

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Thrifty Thursday: Buyer Beware When it Comes to Disney World Tickets

If there is one thing that you have to be SUPER careful about when it comes to saving money on your Disney vacation, it's where you buy your tickets. On a regular basis I read about folks who got ripped off trying to save money buying Disney tickets somewhere…only to ...

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Terrific Tuesdays: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

My grandson is all about roller coasters! It was very important on our last trip that he got to experience Aerosmith and the awesome Rock N’ Roller Coaster!

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Disney World Deliciousness: La Cantina de San Angel

Our favorite Quick Service dining location is in the Mexico Pavilion, La Cantina de San Angel, which is a walk-up counter service dining establishment sitting right on the World Showcase Lagoon.

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Disney with Special Needs: They See Me Rollin’…or Monorailin’…or Floatin’

The Disney transportation system is of the ways that Disney World speaks to my soul – I never, ever, ever have to worry about how I am going to get from place to place.

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Wordless Wednesday: Prince Eric's Castle

We are all familiar with Cinderella Castle of course but don't overlook Prince Eric's castle in the "New" Fantasyland section....unlike Cinderella's, this castle has a fun attraction as part of it!

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Terrific Tuesdays: Happily Ever After

While it's not here yet, Disney has announced the debut of a brand new nighttime spectacular, Happily Ever After.

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Thrifty Thursday: What’s the Deal with Disney Pin Collecting?

When we discovered pin collecting, we discovered a great way of keeping that Disney souvenir budget under control. Because pins are now our souvenir of choice, we are better able to plan our souvenir purchases and stick to a planned budget. We don’t get sidetracked, and don’t suffer “buyer’s remorse” when we get home either. Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursday: Options for Inexpensive Pin Trading

Pin trading involves lapel pins that are traded by Disney guests with cast members or other guests. Each guest can trade a maximum of two pins per cast member per day. To be acceptable to trade, the pins must have the copyright symbol as well as the word Disney on the back. Many guests purchase a lanyard to display their trading pins while at the parks. Continue reading

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Stop by Chip and Co. to Chat About Pin Collecting

I haven’t made it a secret that we love pin collecting. This week over at Chip and Co., I decided to chat a bit more about how we have found this to be a great way to find some awesome souvenirs and keep that souvenir budget under control as well Continue reading

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Affordable Disney Vacation Souvenirs: Discover Pin Collecting!

When it comes to planning an affordable Disney vacation, saving money as many ways as possible is important. There are many ways to keep your souvenir budget under control. So today, we’re going to discuss my very favorite Disney vacation souvenir, pins. Continue reading

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