Readers Tips for Saving Money at Disney World

There are a lot of great Disney bloggers out there with really interesting and helpful information. Recently, Amanda from The Disney College Blog asked her readers to offer their suggestions for saving money at Disney World, since she has a trip planned and is, in her words “a poor college student”. She got lots of great ideas! Here are a few:

Eating Breakfast in Your Room…
“oatmeal packets for breakfast, pb&j’s for lunch, and trail mix for snacks – saves TONS of $$$ (more for #wdw merchandise!)
” – pixienancy on Twitter

“Eat breakfast in the room! Pop Tarts & Rice Krispie Treats work great! :)” – BeOurGuestMike on Twitter

“As do Little Debbie donuts :)” – bill_in_ma on Twitter

“We usually bring cereal & pop tarts & eat breakfast in our room each day (except last day then character bfst)” – mccato on Twitter

You can read the rest of the post and the many helpful affordable Disney vacation tips over at her blog.

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