Our Evolving Disney World Vacation…and Learning to Adjust

I am a planner by nature….and I love planning a Disney World vacation more than just about anything.

So planning a Disney trip 7-12 months in advance provides plenty to think about prior to the trip, and for the most part, this is a good thing. For example, having the chance to pour over menus, researching various accommodation options, finding fun, new, interesting things to see and do…. all make the time spent while waiting to leave fun…and it goes faster that way too.

The downside of this is when things change. Sometimes they change in minor ways that simply involve changing things like an advanced dining reservation time. On the other hand, sometimes a lot of things end up changing…and changing plans make us planners…well….a little uncomfortable.

Unless you learn, as I am learning on this trip, to just go with the flow. 🙂

Back in May I started documenting my vacation planning for our New Years trip to Walt Disney World. Since that time, there have been a few minor changes to our trip. We have changed:

  1. The number of people going
  2. Where we are staying for all 4 nights (this has changed several times)
  3. Where we are eating (this has changed several times as well)

And we haven’t left yet.

But it’s all good, because it has been a great lesson in flexibility for me. 🙂 I am adjusting as we go, learning to be ok with change, and trying to focus on what really matters: spending a few days with my family in a happy, carefree place.

So, here is what I know about our trip at this moment, 3 days before we leave:

  1. Our flight leaves (weather permitting…yes I worry about this in December) at 6:15 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 30
  2. We are now staying the first two nights at Yacht Club. A big surprise and a long story about how this occurred…but we are quite pleased to be within walking distance of Epcot for New Year’s Eve.
  3. We will eat at San Angel Inn our first night and then see the final Candlelight Processional.
  4. New Year’s Eve will be at Epcot (day and evening) and we are eating at Chefs de France.
  5. We are starting New Year’s Day with a big breakfast at Cape May Café
  6. Dinner that evening is at ‘Ohana and then we will visit Magic Kingdom for the last night of Holiday Wishes.
  7. We move to Saratoga Springs for the last 2 nights of our stay on Jan. 1
  8. Dinner our last night is currently at the Turf Club Bar and Grill at Saratoga Springs and then we’ll visit Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.
  9. And our flight leaves for home at 6 p.m. on January 3.

This is, of course, all subject to change….which at this point, I am fully expecting it to. 🙂

Beyond this, we will see how things go, which usually works best during this very busy season anyway.

As to my preparations for leaving, seeing that we depart in 3 days? Well, we had that little Holiday over the weekend, so there is a lot left for me to do this week. But I have done our online check-in, ordered our Dining Plans, and cancelled our papers and mail. And I have our DME luggage tags, and Park Hopper passes in hand, so that’s kind of important.

So with daily checks of the weather forecast, we’re in the homestretch and planning for packing has begun. It’s definitely been a “different” kind of trip for me so far…..and to be honest, the planning changes have been kind of fun!

(But shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to lose my membership in Planners Anonymous! 🙂 )

Want to follow along on our trip? I’ll be posting periodic updates and pictures on our Facebook Page.

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