News Flash: Disney Ticket Price Increase? Get Your Discounted Disney World Tickets Soon!

Several websites are reporting the likelihood of a Disney park ticket increase on the first Sunday in August. While this is only a rumor, the sources are usually correct, and have history on their side: Disney has chosen the first Sunday in August to raise their prices for the past several years. So get ready: if you have plans to purchase your Disney World tickets before an upcoming vacation (and to save money, that is ALWAYS a good idea!), then purchasing them before August 2 will probably save you money.

What about using online ticket brokers, you may ask? Well if Disney raises prices, they will need to as well. To save the most money, visit a reputable ticket company like Undercover Tourist. If you need additional information, you are welcome to visit my page at The Affordable Mouse for discounted Disney World tickets.

In other, unrelated news, I have become initiated into the wonderful world of Facebook and Twitter this week, as I expand my “circle of friends” online, and research more great tips for planning affordable Disney family vacations. If you are on Facebook, please feel free to “friend request” me (please include a note indicating that you are from the Affordable Mouse Blog, so I will know who you are!), and I invite you to follow me on Twitter as well! (I have got to say: if you are not “tweeting” yet, get going! It is fun, informative, and highly addictive, lol!) Click the buttons to the left to find me =)

To conclude, I am including a link to a great article I found on Twitter today, regarding fun, inexpensive “fill-your-own” souvenirs at Walt Disney World. Great ideas, and my thanks to Amanda M. Rose for sharing!

Have a magical day!

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2 Responses to News Flash: Disney Ticket Price Increase? Get Your Discounted Disney World Tickets Soon!

  1. amandamrose says:

    So, Im reading and reading and wow there's my name at the end of your blog….thanks for the shout out! Im a sucker for fill-your-own mr. potato heads, treasure chests, legos, and jewlery boxes. Thanks again Nancy, and great article.

  2. Nancy says:

    You are welcome Amanda. You also write some pretty great stuff =)

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