My Favorite Disney Things: Debbie’s Favorites

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As I sat down thinking about my favorite things at Walt Disney World my mind kept wandering to all the wonderful trips I have taken over the past 15 plus years. I was not lucky enough to visit Disney World until I was in my mid thirties, so I didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying it as a child – ok, at least not a child in years!  I’m just one of the many older kids you see walking around Disney with a goofy looking grin on my face, skipping around the parks and looking every bit the kid I am inside.

After thinking real hard, I came up with some of the things that really stand out to me and take me back to my magical place;

  • The Magical feeling I always get as I drive under the Welcome Sign with Mickey and Minnie waving me into the Happiest Place in the World.
  • The look on your companion’s face as they experience something new they never excepted, even though they’ve been to Disney several times.
  • Seeing Disney through the eyes of a child as they visit WDW and see Mickey for the first time.
  • Seeing Disney through the eyes of a child as they visit WDW for the first time as an adult and realizing they finally “GET-IT”!
  • The fiber optics sidewalks in Future World along the side behind Spaceship Earth.  They take on a life of their own, changing colors and shapes.
  • Walking under Spaceship Earth and wondering how that giant golf ball would ever fit into The Living Seas tank – ok, now it’s called The Seas with Nemo & Friends, but to me it will always be The Living Seas.
  • OFF KILTER!   For those who have seen them you understand!  If you haven’t had that pleasure – check them out!
  • World Showcase, especially during Food and Wine Festival.
  • Sharing an adult drink with your hubby, who up until then never realized what it was like to chill with a cold beer in Walt Disney World
  • Visiting Tom Sawyer Island during a hot crowded day to enjoy exploring the caves, strolling along the shaded walk-ways and checking out the great out of the way bridges.  I still think this is Magic Kingdom’s best hidden secret.
  • Reading the sidewalk stones as you enter Magic Kingdom from the bus stops.  Seeing these bring into reality how many people walk this same path each day enjoying all the magic Disney has to offer
  • Sharing a turkey leg with a loved one and both having that feeling of wearing most of it.
  • Walking up Main Street and smelling the awesome treats lingering in the air that is piped in, enticing you to check out the bakery.
  • The Streetmosphere players in Disney Hollywood Studios.  It’s like a mini-play that forms right in front of you and when you least expect it.
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek watching the tigers lounge in the sun.  The theme of this area is incredible.
  • All the music as you tour through the parks and without thinking humming along to the melody.
  • Mickey ears suddenly appearing like magic in the clouds.  This actually happened on a trip with my son when he was 12.   Where was my camera when I needed it!
  • Visiting all the hotels and letting yourself get totally absorbed into each world, while you explore the out of way spots each has to offer.  And yes, even All-Stars has their own quiet spots.

Space Ship Earth Epcot EntranceI hope reading some of my favorite things will take you back to your magical place.  Of course I could go on and on about all the rides, the shows, the shop and the restaurants, but the one thing I want people to know, is the ambiance Walt Disney World has to offer and how Disney does it right.  WDW doesn’t have the largest or fastest roller coasters, the most rides, the wildest animals or maybe even the craziest shows.  What Disney does have is EVERYTHING!  Disney gets all the details RIGHT!  It is a feeling of falling completely into a magical place and knowing you belong there and everything is great when you have pixie dust!

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Debbie and her husband live in Collegedale, TN where her youngest son is going to college. She is a huge Disney fan who dreams of someday retiring and working as a tour guide at Walt Disney World. She has enjoyed many trips to WDW with children, grandchildren and sometimes adults only. It is her ultimate goal to make sure everyone who visits WDW has the same magical time that she enjoys every time she visits.

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